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Reference Name LCNCC : 1962.32

inscription in three lines; 'DEO.VIRIDIO./TRENICO.ARCUM/FECIT DE [SU]O DONA[VIT] translated as "To the God Viridius, Trenico has set up this arch at his own expense". The inscription is broken along the third line but the larger size of the letters in the second line as compared with the third line suggests that the inscription consisted of no more than 3 lines

Physical Dimensions:

  • length: 710 mm
  • width: 310 mm
  • height: 150 mm
  • diameter: mm

Material: stone

Quantity: 1

Completeness: %

Period: Romano-British

Place Name: New Cemetery

Place Name: Ancaster

Place Name: Lincolnshire

Place Name: UK


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