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wall hanging

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Reference Name GANOH : L 111.2

one of four painted linen cloths, each depicts a wooded landscape with a hilly horizon, the woodland interspersed with houses, a church, a watermill, a castle and lakes, the latter complete with swans, the action includes scenes of fishing, hawking and hunting various game, including deer, a peahen, a stork or crane and wild boar, human figures include horsemen wearing frock coats and hats, 1 armed with a hanger or wood knife, another huntsman on foot armed with a fowling piece, all accompanied by hounds, 1 of which is injured and trails blood; wood surround for painted cloth



Physical Dimensions:

  • cloth height: 840cm
  • cloth width: 620cm
  • frame a height: 88cm
  • frame a width: 289.5cm
  • frame a depth: 2cm
  • frame a edge width: 10.3cmexcept LHS which is 9.5cm
  • frame a supports width: 7cm
  • frame b height: 88cm
  • frame b width: 90cm
  • frame b depth: 2cm
  • frame b edge width: 10.3cmexcept LHS which is 5cm
  • frame b supports width: 7cm
  • frame c height: 88cm
  • frame c width: 47cm
  • frame c depth: 2cm
  • frame c edge width: 10.3cmexcept LHS which is 7.5cm
  • frame c supports width: 5cm
  • frame d height: 87.5cm
  • frame d width: 195.5cm
  • frame d depth: 2cm
  • frame d edge width: 10.5cm
  • frame d supports width: 7cm

Material: linen & paint

Condition: fair

Quantity: 1

Completeness: incomplete

Period: 17th Century

Period: 18th Century

Production Place: England, UK

Production Place: Holland

Production Place: Germany


artist: Unknown


Further information can be found at: Explore our Heritage

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Last updated: 21-January-2016 13:09:16

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