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Anglo-Saxon Smith Burial, Bain Aggregates, Tattershall Thorpe

Reference Name MLI42790

Anglo-Saxon Smith Burial, Bain Aggregates, Tattershall Thorpe

A 7th century Anglo-Saxon smith burial found at Bain Aggregates, Tattershall Thorpe. This isolated burial is thought to be of an itinerant 7th century smith, buried c.660-70 AD.


During excavations prior to gravel extraction, the isolated grave of what is thought to be an itinerant smith was discovered, aligned east to west. Only a few vertebrae and part of the pelvis were found at the time, but have since been lost, so the sex of the grave's occupant must remain unknown, but is presumed to be male. The burial also contained a large quantity of finds (see Finds records for full list), including a range of metalworking tools, a bell, an openwork disc, an 'amulet' wrapped in undyed silk, several Roman coins, fragments of a bag beaker, several garnets, scabbard studs, and a quantity of scrap. Close dating of the finds was difficult and the burial was initially thought to be of Romano-British date, but the scabbard studs could be dated to c.640-70 AD, suggesting that burial took place sometime around 660-70 AD. {1}{2}{3}{4}{5}{6}{7}

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