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Brigg St John Triptych

Reference Name LM388

Conflict Commemorated:WW1

Address:St. John the Evangelist, Bigby Street


Locality:St. John the Evangelist

Type of Memorial:Triptych

Architect/ Designer:A.R. Haynes of Brigg

Manufacturer:Messes Bowman of Stamford

Materials Used:Oak

Description:Located in the interior of St John Church, Brigg on wall at eastern end of church, south of aisle.It is the focal point of small area set aside as chapel. Type:- Openable wooden oblong box with long sides vertical, has sill above and beneath main box shorter sides. Sill above box shows a painted blue section immediately above box, a thin strip of wood, a blue painted strip with small gold squares superimposed upon it, another wooden strip and a thin gold painted strip. Sill beneath box shows a blue painted section with gold carvings (rose flowers?) superimposed upon it, beneath that is a section of wood but there is a strip of gold painted and carved wood (showing grapes?) on the wooden panelling of the wall immediately beneath the lower sill. 2 doors to the box, each has 2 large black painted metal hinges (one near top, one near bottom of door) and a large black door handle. Each door has 3 words carved on them, the left door has PRO carved on its top, centre and bottom while the right has DEO at its top, PATRIA at its centre and REGE at its bottom so that when the doors are closed it reads (from top) Pro Deo, Pro Patria, Pro Rege. When the doors are opened there are shallow carved lists of names to the interior of both the left and right doors. The complete interior middle of the memorial has gold painted extreme edges, immediately in from this is a slim black painted metal frame while the part of the memorial enclosed by this is wood. Superimposed on the central wooden section is a black painted metal sword, hilt uppermost and the sword has a coat of arms hanging from its cross bar by 2 short metal chains. The arms are triangular with a gold bridge running horizontally across, a red sky above and blue water beneath. The sills are 0.98m wide at their widest, narrowing to 0.88. The box proper is 1.1m in length x 0.88m wide, the total height of the monument (including sills) is approx 1.4m.

Inscription:Left door - H.Ainger, H.D.Alcock, W.H.Baines, A.W.Bannister, W.Barnes, F.Batchelor, K.F.Bean, W.S.Bean, G.Bell, J.W.Binns, A.Bird, J.E.Boston, W.Bridgewater, A.Brown, G.H.Brown, J.Burman, J.W.Cade, G.F.Clark, J.Clark, M.Cleary, H.Coney, G.Cross, C.S.Dann, G.Darcy, E.E.Daubney, A.J.Denton, T.Devine, A.Draper, F.Draper, F.Drayton, J.T.Dunderdale, F.J.Edlington, J.Eggleston, J.Elliott, R.Elliott, W.Ellis, H.S.Farrow, G.Forth, J.Fosket, S.Goates, B.P.B.Harrison, T.Harrison, W.P.Hartley, L.Hayman, W.T.Heath, D.A.Henderson, R.T.Hett, H.Holmes, W.Holmes, H.L.Hubble, F.J.Huskinson Right door - L.Hyke, G.H.Jackson, H.Johnson, W.H.Kenning, F.Leaning, J.W.Leaning, J.W.Leeson, W.H.C.Long, F.A.Maltby, P.A.Margetts, W.Nainby, J.Neal, C.Newbury, F.North, M.S.Page, R.Parkin, H.Rayner, A.M.Roberts, G.F.Roberts, G.R.Roberts, W.J.Roberts, G.W.Robinson, W.L.Robinson, A.Rogers, T.Rose, W.Rushbrook, A.Simpson, F.Sipling, F.Sipling, H.Smith, G.H.J.Sowter, F.I.Sowter, I.Spight, J.W.Standerline, A.Stephenson, R.Streets, W.Streets, P.B.Symonds, T.E.Taylor, H.Temple, W.Temple, H,S,Tingay, A.Turtle, A.Tweed, C.B.Usher, J.Walker, F.West, R.H.Westoby, H.White, E.Whitelam, J.Wray, T.Young, E.Stephenson.

Transcription:In gratitude and love be forever remembered the men of Brigg who laid down their live in the Great War 1914 - 1918

Memorial Condition:Good

Surveyor/ Supplier of Information:Michael Peck, C J Anderson

Notes:To provide and place an altar with Triptych over and foot pace and Credence Table at the North West Corner of the parish church as a War Memorial with oak panelling on the west wall on either side of the altar. That the centre panel on the triptych is to contain the following inscription, namely: - ?In gratitude and love be forever remembered the men of Brigg who laid down their live in the Great War 1914 - 1918?. And the folding panels are to contain the names of the fallen. Approved at a meeting of the P.C.C. 28th July 1931. Faculty Book 16, Page 502, dated 27th October 1931 The Memorial dedicated by the Dean of Lincoln February 21st 1931 Beneath the memorial the wall is wood panelled with the afore mentioned gold strip upon it, there are 4 insignia mounted on the panelling. From left to right these are Royal British Legion, RAF, RN, General Service Corps (Army). Standing in front of the wall panelling, on a raised step, is a small wooden alter. At time of recording the alter had a wooden cross and 2 candle holders upon it, and a metal holder for candle offerings in front of it. To the left of the alter is a locked wooden case, with glass top, containing a Book of Remembrance (which appears to record WW2 service as further names appear in it).

Sources Used:Faculty Book 16, Page 502, dated 27th October 1931, The Star" dated 20th and 27th of February 1931

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