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Bronze Age activity, Freeman Land, Langtoft

Reference Name MLI92022

Bronze Age activity, Freeman Land, Langtoft

Bronze Age activity, Freeman Land, Langtoft


PRN 37115
Excavations undertaken during July and August 2007 revealed an area of Bronze Age activity at Freeman's Land, Langtoft. Twelve linear features probably forming part of a middle Bronze Age field system were revealed. Two of the features contained middle Bronze Age pottery and one contained a barbed and tanged arrowhead. A series of semicircular features possibly forming an animal enclosure were also excavated. One of these also contained middle Bronze Age pottery. A number of pits and wells containing Bronze Age pottery and worked wood were found. One pit held an upright stake and was interpreted as a flax retting pit. Another large pit contained a large number of middle Bronze Age pottery sherds and a crouched inhumation. A small dog skeleton was buried in association with the inhumation and two toggles had been placed on either side of the inhumation's neck. A series of post holes and four tree throws contained charcoal, bone and burnt clay. Three ring ditches, possible evidence of barrows, were uncovered. A fragment of Deverel-Rimbury pottery was found in one of the ditches. To the north of the ring ditches were two distinct clusters of burials consisting of twelve cremations. A watering hole containing middle Bronze Age pottery, numerous cattle bones, a timber revetment and middle Iron Age pottery was also excavated. {1}{2}

1 Intervention Report: Cambridge Archaeological Unit. 2008. Excavations at Langtoft, Lincolnshire: The Freeman Land. -
2 Excavation archive: Cambridge Archaeological Unit. 2008. Excavations at Langtoft, Lincolnshire: The Freeman Land. -

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