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Reference Name RA/1/REVESBY/2/40

Richard, by the grace of God King of England, Duke of Normandy and Aquitania, Count of Andegavia, to the Archbishop, Bishops, Abbots, Counts, Barons, Law Officers, Nobles, and all his officers of France and all of England, sends greeting. Know that we have taken into our hand and custody and protection the Abbey and the Abbot of St. Lawrence of Revesby, and the monks serving there, and their lands and goods and all their possessions. And therefore we give orders that you guard and maintain and protect that Abbey and the abbot and monks of that Abbey and all their property and possessions, as you would our own, so that you do no injury or wrong to them, nor permit such to be done. And if any one contrary to this order dares to injure them in any matter, you are to cause full justice to be done to them without delay.
And we will not allow them to be placed in placitum (i.e. a court) about any tenement which they may hold from feudal lords or from those who have given or sold to them, except before ourselves or before our chief court of justice.
Witness: William de Mandeville (Earl of Essex, Justiciary. Died 14 Nov 1189).
Signed at Westminster.
De loco ubi placitabit 'B'
Carta Ric Reg de protestacione 7 de placitis. fragment of seal.

Date: 6 Sep 1189

Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]


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