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Correspondence between Sir Charles Tennyson and George O Marshall and Tennyson related material


January 20th 1990. Letter confirming donation of material by George O Marshall to Tennyson Research Centre.
1964-1970 A collection of correspondence from Charles Bruce Locker Tennyson to George Marshall, professor at the University of Georgia
"Dogs", an essay by Charles Tennyson
An essay about Alfred Lord Tennyson's writing by Charles Tennyson
A written essay about Ivy Gladys Tennyson by Charles Tennyson
An essay about Charles Tennyson's father
6.1.1915 A letter about the badge of the Companion of the Order of St. Michael & St. George; certificate enclosed
1913 Scrapbook of newspapers of reviews of "Cambridge from Within"
29.3.1905 Official documentation granting the Companion of the Order of St. Michael & St. George
1925 apprx. A portfolio of plays written by Charles Tennyson
A collection of stories/essays, including a narrative about Audrey Tennyson, by Charles Tennyson
A copy of the Marlborough notebooks containing dialogue between Hallam Tennyson and Alfred Lord Tennyson
A collection of essays about Alfred Lord Tennyson's character
A cut version of "Becket" from the collection of various articles of Charles Tennyson
Three pages of notes by A.B. 8/7/1903
14.12.1889 Mayalls photograph of Alfred Tennyson "December 14, 1889 Lord Tennyson in memory of the Christening of Lionel Hallam Tennyson"
1897 Photograph of Lionel Hallam Tennyson 8 1/2, Aubrey Alfred 5 1/2, and Harold Courtney 1: 1897" Hallam Tennyson's children
Photograph of Harold Tennyson in officer uniform as young boy
Photograph by J. Bennett & Sons with "Arthur?" written on the back
Photograph of Horatio Tennyson by Gillman H.
April, 1890 Photograph of Lionel Hallam Tennyson aged 5 1/2 months with Audrey Tennyson
A dual photograph of a woman with her two children by Mennah & Kent, Brighton
1911 A photograph used as a Christmas card of Audrey Tennyson
1901 Photograph of Audrey Tennyson in lace dress
A photograph of a gentleman sitting down with a top hat on the table. The back has "? Arthur T." scratched out and something illegible. J. Magill photographer.
1879 Two photographs of Mrs. Horatio Tennyson, taken in Rome 1879
Photograph of Emily Jesse
Photograph of Emily Jesse "and her son?"
Photograph of "Matilda?"
Photograph of a lady by R. Slingsby
A photograph of elder Emily Jesse
A photograph of elder Emily Jesse sitting down
A photograph of a lady sitting down with "Matilda?" written on the back
Large photograph of Arthur Tennyson by Gillman H.
Photograph of a bearded Arthur Tennyson. "Mr. Tennyson" written on the front. Done by Magill, Belfast.
Three postcards of Tennyson's birthplace, Somersby including images of the house, Tennyson's bridge and brook, and the Rectory

Extent: 1 box

Date: 1879 - 1970

Repository: Tennyson Research Centre


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