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G Coy, 4th Bn. Lincs Regt.

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Reference Name LM1336

Conflict Commemorated:WW1 and Boer War

Address:War Memorial Centre (former Hospital)


Type of Memorial:Roll of Honour

Materials Used:Paper

Description:A framed, paper roll of honour. At the top-centre is depicted the crest of the Lincolnshire Regiment.

Inscription: G/ (HORNCASTLE) FOURTH/ COMPANY BATTALION/ / / THE LINCOLNSHIRE REGIMENT/ ROLL AUGUST 1914/ (First Column) Lieut. Col. J.W. Jessop/ Capt. H.A. Howes/ Lieut. A.A. Ellwood/ Lieut. J.C. Jessop/ Lieut. C.H. Ellwood/ 2/Lieut I.A. Reed/ C.S.I. H. Wright/ Col. Sergt. H.W. Sharp/ Sergt. T.H. Hurst/ Sergt. J. Taylor/ Sergt. E.G. Mason/ Sergt. L. Carr/ Sergt. H. Lightfoot/ Lce. Sergt. G. Stainton/ Corpl. J. Hogg/ Corpl. D. Curley/ Corpl. J. Lickorish/ Corpl. G.J. Walley/ Lce. Corpl. J. Clark/ Lce. Corpl. T.W. Johnson/ Lce. Corpl. R.E. Smith/ Lce. Corpl. F. Fergurson/ Lce. Corpl. H. Street/ Lce. Corpl. H. Humberstone/ Lce. Corpl. J.R. Tamblin/ Lce. Corpl. J. Stones/ Lece. Corpl. C. Heath (Second Column) Pte. W. Andrews/ Pte. F. Atkin/ Pte. R. Bailey/ Pte. H. Barsby/ Pte. F. Beebe/ Pte. H. Belton/ Pte. R. Belton/ Pte. H. Benton/ Pte. F. Blanchard/ Pte. R. Brewin/ Pte. G.H. Brookes/ Pte. G.E. Brumpton/ Pte. A. Bullock/ Pte. J. Cade/ Pte. D. Came/ Pte. T.P. Chambers/ Pte. A. Cole/ Pte. D. Cook/ Pte. W. Cook/ Pte. T. Cooper/ Pte. W. Cooper/ Pte. C. Corringhan/ Pte. G. Cressey/ Pte. F. Crookes/ Pte. J. Cullen/ Pte. J. Cussons/ Pte. R. Danby (Third Column) Pte. J. Dobson/ Pte. G.E. Firth/ Pte. H. Firth/ Pte. A. Fisher/ Pte. W. Fixter/ Pte. C. Fox/ Pte. W. Fox/ Pte. J. Greenfield/ Pte. C. Hall/ Pte. T. Hall/ Pte. W. Hindley/ Pte. C. Holmes/ Pte. H. Jackson/ Pte. A Jeffrey/ Pte. A. Jones/ Pte. J. Kent/ Pte. E. King/ Pte. H.F. Larder/ Pte.J. R. Lea/ Pte. H. Lee/ Pte. L. Lee/ Pte. L. Lewis/ Pte. B. Maltby/ Pte. J. Massey/ Pte. R. Meanwell/ Pte. P. Middleton/ Pte. H. Milson/ (Fourth Column) Pte. F. Overton/ Pte. E. Porter/ Pte. G.J. Pearson/ Pte. W. Peckham/ Pte. G.E. Ramm/ Pte.A. Rylatt/ Pte A. Saunders/ Pte. F. Sharpe/ Pte. W. Sharp/ Pte. H.O. Siggs/ Pte. l.W.J. Smith/ Pte. S.R. Smith/ Pte. F. Sorfleet/ Pre. W. Sorfleet/ Pte. S. Stolton/ Pte. E.S. Stones/ Pte. A. Storey/ Pte. C. Sylvester/ Pte. A. Taylor/ Pte. J. Turner/ Pte. W. Vickers/ Pte. G. Walkley/ Pte. R. Wilson/ Pte. J. Wray/ Pte. J. Wright/ OLD MEMBERS WHO SERVED IN VARIOUS UNITS DURING THE GREAT WAR 1914-1918/ (First Column) H. Albones Lincolnshire Regiment/ E.W. Atkinson Canadian Infantry/ J.C. Baddham Lincolnshire Regiment/ H. Belton Royal Navy/ F. Breeton Lincolnshire Regiment/ J.B. Brown 9th Canadian Infantry/ W.E. Brown Lincolnshire Regiment/ (Second Column) A. Bryant Royal Engineers/ J. Fletcher Royal Artillery/ W. Harness Royal Artillery/ A. Laurence Royal Artillery/ H. Lea Royal Navy/ W.C.B. Letall Lincs Yeomanry/ (Third Column) H. Medley The Coldstream Gurads/ S.M. Merson The Queen's Regiment/ A. Parkinson R Army Service Corps/ W. Rowbotham The Essex Regiment/ W. Sorfleet West Yorkshire Regt/ C. Snartt Queensland Infantry/ A. Wiles Lincolnshire Regiment/ MEMBERS WHO SERVED IN THE VOLUNTEER ACTIVE SERVICE COMPANIES OF THE LINCOLNSHIRE REGIMENT IN THE SOUTH AFRICAN WAR 1899-1902/ (First Column) Pte. J. Cole/ Pte. J. Corrigan/ Pte. J. Eley/ Pte. T.W. Johnson/ Pte. H.F. Larder/ Pte. W. Rollison/ (Second Column) Pte. A.J. Prigg/ Lce. Corpl. A. Enderby/ Pte. H. Albones/ Pte. R. Belton/ Pte. A. Fisher/ (Third Column) Pte. E.A. Kent/ Pte. A. Ranshaw/ Pte. J. Richardson/ Pte. D.F. Sutton/ Pte. E.V. Lea/ Pte. G.W. Wells/ OLD MEMBERS WHO SERVED IN VARIOUS UNITS/ C. Snartt Active Service/ E. Pogson 11th Co. Imperial Yeomanry/ C. Robinson 67th Co. Imperial Yeomanry

Surveyor/ Supplier of Information:C.J.A.

Last updated: 16-December-2016 12:46:00

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