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Goulding Deposit

Reference Name GOULDING


1 Deeds relating principally to East Kirkby.
1/1-3 Deeds relating to land in East Kirkby, undated.
1/4-13 Deeds re property of the Robert de Silkeston in East Kirkby, Miningsby, Wainfleet, Thorpe St Peter, Winthorpe, Irby, Firsby, Boston, Leake, Wrangle, Steeping, Friskney and Bolingbroke, 1303-1355.
1/14-18 Deeds re land in Winthorpe and Burgh [le Marsh] granted to Grynne by Sleight, 1392-1408.
1/19-28 Deeds re land in East Kirkby, Bolingbroke, Thorpe St Peter, Winthorpe, Firsby, Irby, Wainfleet, Leake, Wrangle and Steeping: Ipre to Grynne, 1376-1424.
1/29-36 Various grants to Grynnes: East Kirkby and Miningsby, 1411-1431.
1/37-39 Further Grynne deeds: East Kirkby, Miningsby, Firsby, Irby, Wainfleet, Friskney and Wrangle, 1446-1477.
1/40-46 A bundle of papers relating to exchanges for life between Skeppers, Godericks and Townleys in East Kirkby, 1544-1587.
1/47-51 Memoranda, survey and abstract of title: Skepper family and East Kirkby, mid-late 16th century or early 17th century.
1/52-58 Other Skepper deeds and case papers, 1494-1626.
1/59-65 Lodington deeds: Faldingworth, Scotton, manor of East Kirkby, Dalderby, Haltham on Bain, Scrivelsby, Winthorpe, 1403-1652.

2 Further Deeds, relating to East Kirkby, Faldingworth, Buslingthorpe, Dalderby, Scrivelsby, Willingham and Binbrook.
2/1-2 Deeds re Dalderby and Srivelsby, undated.
2/3-5 Deeds re Fremans of Buslingthorpe and Faldingworth, undated-1440
2/6-7 Deeds re East Kirkby and Miningsby: Silkeston, undated.
2/8-16 Other East Kirkby deeds: Ipre, Gremme etc, 1388-1481
2/17-23 Deeds re Binbrook, Faldingworth etc: mainly Lodington, 1592-1633
2/24-32 Deeds re East Kirkby: Skepper to Lodington, 1603-1635
2/33-40 Leases and title deeds re East Kirkby: Lodington, 1640-1652
2/41-45 Bills, receipts and other papers: Lodington family, 1642-1667

3 Further Deeds.
3/1-5 Various early deeds, 1305-1433
3/6-20 Deeds, mainly for East Kirkby, undated-1512
3/21-33 Fremans of Buslingthorpe and Faldingworth, 1339-1486
3/34-44 Deeds re Binbrook, 1545-1638
3/45-68 A rent charge of £40 in East Kirkby, 1603-1636
3/69-80 East Kirkby deeds: Lodington, 1614-1648
3/81-86 East Kirkby deeds: Uncle, Woodthorpe, Keale, 1567-1645
3/87-92 Deeds relating to Winthorpe, 1629-1650
3/93-98 Family and case papers, 1612-1638
3/99-103 Terriers and surveys, 16th century
3/104-110 Miscellaneous, 1610-1735

Extent: 3 SubFonds

Date: early 13th Cent-1735

Notes: Endorsements: Type 1 Mainly contemporary, and mostly give a short description of the document, eg quitclaim of Hugh son of Solomon. Type 2 16th Cent?, rather faint pale ink, usually a description of the property, eg six lands on bolgar. Type 3 early-mid 17th Cent?, gives a brief calendar of the document, parties, property and date.

Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]


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