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Grant in fee

Reference Name CoC/1/1/2

By King William IV as duke of Lancaster, to The Sheriff, the Custos Rotulorum and the Acting Justices of the Peace for the County of Lincoln. Of the Castle of Lincoln, being parcel of the possessions of our Duchy of Lancaster with the appurtenances.
The fee simple and inheritance of the Castle and Castle Yard - the Buildings thereon - the Bulwark and moat surrounding the same and all other the appurtenances, ways, paths, passages, Liberties, Advantages, Rights, Members and App ----- for the use and Benefit of the 3 Divisions of Lincoln.
For £2000.
Sheriff: Henry Bacon Hickman Esq.
Custos Rotulorum: John Earl Brownlow.
Reverend Sir Charles John Anderson, Sir Robert Sheffield, Sir John Beckett, barts., Charles Henry John Anderson, George Marmaduke Allington, John Bourne, Ayscoughe Boucherett, John Watson Barton, Edward Brackenbury, Robert Cracroft, George Chaplin, Francis Chaplin, Marmaduke Constable, William Thompson Corbett, Thomas Coltman, William Lloyd Caldecott, Thomas George Corbett, Francis John Bateman Dashwood, Benjamin Dealtry, Henry Dymoke, Richard Ellison, Richard Elmhirst, William Elmhirst, John Fytche, Isle Grant, Henry Hutton, George Fieschi Heneage, Joseph Hunt, William Hutton, Clifford King, George Lister, William Marshall, Charles Burrell Massingberd, Charles Godfrey Mundy, Robert Marriott, Charles John Henry Mundy, William Edward Tomline, George Tennyson, Charles Tennyson, John Tuffnell, Richard Thorold, John Uppleby, Gervase Woodhouse, Charles Winn, James Whiting Yorke, Esquires, Reverend Marmaduke Alington, Edward Bromhead, Thomas Best, Henry Symons de Brett, William Chaplin, William Cooper, John Dymoke, William Dobson or Dodson, Henry Foulis, William Goodenough, Joseph Gedge, John Holt, John Mounsey, Francis Charles Massingberd, John Nelson, Frederick Peel, John Robinson, Thomas Hardwicke Rawnsley, George Street, William Brocklehurst Stonehouse, Charles Sheffield Richard William Vevers, Joseph Walls, John Wilson or Willson, Henry John Wollaston, [Clerks, acting Justices for Lindsey].
The Right Hon. Peter Robert Lord Willoughby de Eresby, The Hon. and Very Revd Henry Lewis Hobart D.D. Dean of Windsor, Sir John Trollope, Sir John Heron, Sir William Earle Welby, Sir Edward French Bromhead, baronets. The Revd Thomas Henry Coles, D.D., Charles Allix, Charles Chaplin, Gilbert John Heathcote, Henry Handley, Benjamin Handley, William Augustus Johnson, George Ralph Payne Jarvis, Joseph Lawrence, John Milnes, George Hussey Packe, Thomas Birch Reynardson, Charles de Laet Waldo Sibthorp, Glynne Earle Welby, Esquires.
The Reverend Edward Chaplin, Peregrine Curtois, Edward Fane, Samuel Edmund Hopkinson, William Hardwicke, Jonathan Kendal, Brownlow Villiers Layard, William Potchett, Humphrey Waldo Sibthorp, Francis Whichcote, John Earle Welby, Christopher Whichcote, William Waters, clerks [acting J.Ps for Kesteven].
Reverend Maurice Johnson, Henry Butler Pacey, William Moore, D.D., Augustus Duggan, Everson Harrison, Henry James Nicholls, Charles Keightley Tunnard, Esquires. Reverend Charles Boothby, Basil Berridge, John Caparn, Martin Sheath, clerks [acting J.P.s. for Holland.].
Letters patent given at Westminster under Seal of Duchy, 16th November, 2nd year of reign (1831) Danvers.
Endorsed: Inrolled in the Court of the Duchy Chamber of Lancaster the 16th day of November, 1831.
Fr. Danes Danver.
Be it remembered etc.
peaceable and quiet possession and seisin, etc. was taken and had by William Forbes - and delivered by W.F. to Henry B. Hickman.
J. Earl Brownlow, Sr. Robert Sheffield, Bart., Charles Chaplin Esq., Revd William Potchett clerk.
Witnessed: Hn. Manners solicitor Grantham.
William Brocklesby, Keeper of the Castle, Lincoln.

Date: 16 Nov 1831

Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]


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