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Hambleton Moat, Scredington

Reference Name MLI60263

Hambleton Moat, Scredington

Site of Hambleton Moat, Scredington


PRN 60263
A Ministry of Works rescue excavation was carried out in 1959 prior to the complete destruction of the earthworks by bulldozing. The plan of the buildings within the homestead was recovered. The hall, kitchen, ovens and barns were tentatively identified. The pottery evidence was of late thirteenth to early fourteenth century date. No small finds of especial note were recovered. {2} {4}
During an excavation in 1959, prior to the levelling of the site, the plans of several buildings were uncovered on the moated platform. The earliest period of occupation was in the late thirteenth century. The main period of occupation was between 1350 and 1450 and included an aisled hall of four bays built of stone, two baking ovens and five rubbish pits. There was a later three-roomed house which was constructed on the northern side of the platform. This later house was occupied closely upon the abandonment of the homestead moat but did not extend far into the sixteenth century. Finds of pottery, ironwork and bone were recovered. {1} {3}
This land was part of the estate owned by George Gilson in the early seventeenth century. The revenue from this estate was used to endow an almshouse for six poor, aged people in Morcrott, Rutland. Morcott lies close to the three villages of Upper, Lower and Middle Hambleton and there is a tradition in Scredington that the name of Hambleton moat comes from this Morcott connection. {6} {7}
Prior to their destruction, the earthworks at this site were described as being "very impressive and attractive" with the moat still retaining water, clear earthworks on the west of the site and well defined central mound. {8}

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