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Heneage of Hainton - second deposit

Reference Name 2-HEN


1 Rentals and Accounts
1 Rentals and Accounts combined, for the Hainton and Grimsby estates, 1834-1913
2 Rentals only
1 Hainton group of estates, 1914-1919
2 Grimsby group of estates, 1876-1949
3 Estate and Farm Account Books, c1830-1914
4 Accounts with Grange and Wintringham (Grimsby Agents)
1 Capital Accounts, 1885-1898
2 Rent and General Accounts, 1902-1912
3 Summary Accounts, 1912-1914
4 Receipts under Capital Account, 1909-1915
5 Vouchers for General Account, 1912-1915
6 Miscellaneous Vouchers, 1910-1915
5 General Estate Vouchers, 1913-1920

2 Hainton Estate Papers
1-3 General Estate Papers, 1879-1904
4 Particulars and Reports on Farms, 1863-1910
5 Rent Particulars, 1864-1917
6 Improvements to Farms, 1868-1878
7 Plans of alterations and improvements to Farm buildings, 1883-1903
8 Contracts and estimates for improvements to buildings, 1874-1903
9 Allotment Holdings, 1886-1899
10 Papers re particular holdings, 1884-1916
11 Notices to quit and applications for holdings, 1893-1913
12 Management of land in hand, 1891-1920
13 Income Tax and Insurance Papers, 1894-1912
14 Churches and Chapels on the estate, 1894-1899
15 Hainton and South Willingham Schools, 1889-1903
16 Miscellaneous Papers, 1874-1921

3 Grimsby Leases and Agreements
1 Long Leases and Agreements for Long Leases (building land), 1867-1950
2 Assignments, mortgages, surrenders and conveyances of land held on long leases (building land), 1853-1950
3 Schedules of leases, assignments, conveyances, and enfranchisements (building land), 1892-1922
4 Documents relating to leases: opinions of counsel, extracts from probate papers etc, 1900-1934
5 Yearly leases and agreements for tenancies at will (mainly accomodation and paddock land), 1884-1929
6 Miscellaneous deeds found with the Grimsby leases and assignments, 1870-1930

4 Grimsby Estate Papers
1 Chronological Files, 1866-1934
2 Subject Files
1 Road Formation and drainage works on the Weelsby Estate, 1870-1910
2 Enfranchisement of leasehold property on the Weelsby and Clee estate by John Chatburn, 1896-1898
3 Paddock land, 1897-1924
4 Mortgage of Grimsby Ground-Rents, 1905
5 Royal Navy Reserve Property at Clee, 1906-1908
6 Lease and Sale of land to Thomas Baskcomb, 1907
7 The 'Boston Hotel' Grimsby, 1908-1912
8 Highfield Farm, Weelsby, 1908-1912
9 St Augustine's Church Parsonage House, 1910-1925
10 Weelsby Road development, 1913-1916
11 Taxation Papers, 1913-1922
12 'Rastrick House' Grimsby, 1917
13 Enfranchisement of leasehold property on the Grimsby estate, 1884-1926
14 Particulars, conditions of sale, and agreements for purchase of land on the Heneage estate, 1872-1920
15 Correspondence, accounts and memoranda re the sale of March 1920
16 Miscellaneous Plans, c1890-1910
17 Estate Minute Book, 1877-1925
18 Papers of the Local Authorities in Grimsby re urban development in general, 1863-1911
19 Fishing Industry, 1878-1882
20 Wartime Defence Measures in Grimsby, 1916
3 Land Valuation Files, 1911-1914

5 Estate and Political Correspondence, 1860-1946

6 Miscellaneous Papers
Including Grimsby Borough Election Accounts for 1885-1886.

For details, please see the typescript catalogue in the Search Room.

Extent: 6 Series

Date: c1830-1950

Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]


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