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Henge and Triple Ring Ditch Barrow, West Ashby

Reference Name MLI40816

Henge and Triple Ring Ditch Barrow, West Ashby

Henge and triple ring ditch barrow, to the west of West Ashby.


Triple ring-ditch seen on an aerial photograph of St Joseph, Cambridge. The mound has been half quarried away for sand. A section was cut by the North Lincolnshire Archaeological Unit in 1977 that revealed an urn inverted in a pit near the centre of the mound. Illustrations of the site and urn are in the parish file. {1}

Excavation revealed the existence of a possible class 1 henge beneath a Bronze Age barrow. The barrow had been reused and excavation identified several phases of activity. The shape and design of the barrow had been changed several times, sometimes quite drastically. The digging of ditches for larger barrows on the same site as the first barrow resulted in the triple ring ditch feature seen in the aerial photographs. Features of all phases were mainly found in the central area of the barrow and included two inhumation coffins, one accompanied by a Yorkshire-type food vessel. A cremation in a collared urn accompanied by a bronze knife and two flint plano-convex knives. A further cremation in a collared urn was found in the middle ditch. The site may lie close to a Bronze Age settlement: early Bronze Age flintwork and pottery, including grooved ware and beaker sherds, were recovered from the several phases of mound make-up.
Following excavation of the site, the remains were destroyed by gravel quarrying. {2}{3}

1 Index: SMR. Sites and Monuments Record Card Index. TF 27 SW: N, 1977, AJW
2 Article in Serial: White, A. J.. 1978. 'Archaeology in Lincolnshire and South Humberside, 1977' in Lincolnshire History and Archaeology. vol.13, p.82
3 Article in Serial: FIELD, F.N.. 1985. PROCEEDINGS OF THE PREHISTORIC SOCIETY. vol.51, pp.103-36

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