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Hoe Hills Barrow Cemetery, Dowsby

Reference Name MLI32927

Hoe Hills Barrow Cemetery, Dowsby

Hoe Hills barrow cemetery, visible as cropmarks and low earthworks, north of Dowsby. Summary from record 36431: Round barrow, Hoe Hills, Dowsby


Hoe Hills barrow cemetery is one of the biggest concentrations of Iron Age burials surrounded by square ditches in Lincolnshire. There are a number of barrows at this location, both square (presumably Iron Age), and circular (presumably Bronze Age). {1}{2}

Some of the barrows appear on the 1880s 1st ed. 6" Ordnance Survey County Series map. {3}

Individual barrows have been noted at the following grid references:
TF 1167 3041, TF 1154 3044, TF 1158 3045, TF 1160 3044, TF 1164 3043, TF 1167 3042, TF 1158 3039, TF 1173 3037, and TF 1150 3045
The majority of these have been ploughed out, and survive only as cropmarks visible on aerial photographs. {4}{5}{6}{7}

One of the barrows, located at TF 1173 3037, was excavated in 1994 as part of the Fenland Management Project. The excavation revealed that the barrow ditch measured 27m in diameter. Finds included a collared urn containing a cremation, burnt charcoal and possible hearth material, traces of a secondary cremation, pottery sherds, bone fragments, and an intact perforated incense cup. {8}{9}

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9 Article in Serial: Allen, C. and Hopkins, D.. 2000. ‘Bronze Age accessory cups from Lincolnshire. Early Bronze Age pot?’ in Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society. Vol.66, pp.297-317

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