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Human Remains, Torksey Lock

Reference Name MLI97633

Human Remains, Torksey Lock

Human remains found at Torksey Lock.


Fragments of human remains including skulls, long bones, pelvis and vertebrae, both adult and juvenile, were identified after a call out from the police on the 12th March 2010. The bones probably came from an Anglo-Saxon or medieval burial site and may have been associated with the nearby medieval settlement at the scheduled monument 137. A member of the Historic Environment Team has analysed the bone and the report is in the parish file. The photographs are on the computer system at the HER. {1}

Further human remains were recovered in April 2015, after the site was disturbed by badgers. The remains included long bones from at least 3 (and probably more) individuals, and were from adults, juveniles and infants. The assemblage included a largely complete female skull, and several pelvis bones, one of which could be identified as female. {2}

1 Verbal communication: Thornton, A.. 2010. Personal Communication. -
2 Verbal communication: Jennings, Louise. 2015. Information from Louise Jennings. -

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