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Long Barrow, Hoe Hill, Swinhope

Reference Name MLI50281

Long Barrow, Hoe Hill, Swinhope

Cropmarks of a probable Neolithic long barrow, to the west of Hoe Hill, Swinhope.


Cropmarks of a second probable Neolithic long barrow, visible on aerial photographs to the immediate west of the larger Hoe Hill long barrow (see PRN 54203). {1}{2}{3}{4}

The monument includes the buried remains of a Neolithic long barrow located on the gently sloping eastern side of the Waithe Beck valley, approximately 450m west of Hoe Hill Farm and 100m to the west of the extant long barrow known as Cromwell's Grave, the subject of a separate scheduling, whose east-west alignment it shares. The mound, which is known to have existed until around 1906, was once situated within a copse which has since been cleared and the mound has subsequently been degraded by ploughing. However, the gap in the field boundary hedge indicates its site; the monument is clearly visible as a cropmark and can be plotted from aerial photographs. Geophysical surveys were carried out between 1983 and 1987 and these established the presence of a ditch some 13m from the centre of the mound, indicating that the overall dimensions of the monument are 70m long by 30m wide. The monument together with Cromwell's Grave and the long barrows at Ash Hill, Thorganby and Ash Holt are thought to form a group associated with the valley of the Waithe Beck. Although the mound of the barrow has been degraded by ploughing, geophysical survey has demonstrated that significant remains survive buried beneath the present ground surface. Rare archaeological and environmental evidence will be preserved on and in the old buried surface and in the fills of the ditch. These will provide valuable information relating to the date and construction of the monument, the sequence of mortuary ritual at the site, and to the nature of the landscape in which the monument was set. For more detail see Scheduling Document 27865. {5}

Hoe Hill II long barrow is situated on a valley slope position, down-slope from Hoe Hill. It is aligned on a north-west to south-east axis. Its former existence is indicated by the plan of the hedge which repeats the situation at Hoe Hill I long barrow. The plan of the semi-enclosing hedge at Hoe Hill II indicates a slightly smaller barrow, which is estimated to have been about 40m long and proportionally narrower. {6}

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