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Reference Name KQS/B/5

Greatford & Shillingthorpe establishments, letters, papers & plans, 1829-63 (including Minute Book, 1828-1854 and Minute Book, with plans, 1855-1863

Various Returns:
Returns by parish constables and abstract of the same 1826, gives particulars of age of the lunatics, if dangerous and who keeps them.
List of lunatics in the county, 1820, three books
Report of pauper lunatics in Middlesex 1827 printed Acts, 9 George chp.40.41.
Returns by overseers of the poor under the above act, 1803-1853 fourteen volumes.
Papers re payment of instalments to contractors and rates ordered, 1850-1854 (some tracings of the plans tied up with this).
Voucher relating to the original fabric account 1847-1849
Unsorted bundle, estimates, tenders and some places c1847-1863
Unsorted bundle, mainly printed matter, lists of designs, submitted for the building, returns of pauper lunatics etc. c1847-1868.
Tenders for the building, one bundle.
Clerk of Works, Vouchers 1852-1853
Small miscellaneous bundle 1849-1864 (with some plans).
Working note books, clerk of works, 1850-1862.
Year bundles of miscellaneous papers as follows:
1844-1846 1847 (2) 1847-1848, 1848 1848-1849 149 (2) 1850 (2) 1851 1853 (2) 1853 1854 1855
They contain Reports, correspondence, advertisement for tenders, circulars to visitors, draft agenda etc.
Papers in case, Visitors, County Lunatic asylum and Hamilton and Hedland 1850.
Half yearly returns, Medical on parchment, Bracebridge 1853-1855
Returns of pauper lunatics 1851, 1853.
Lists of visitors 1851-1852, 1854, 1858.
Printed matter as follows:
Circular re contract with Derby County Asylum 1854.
Description of site (undated).
Conditions for Contractors 1849.
Circulars re the Lunatic Act 1846.
List of House Committee 1852,
Circulars to Clerks of Unions 1855.
Plan and [ ], Lincolnshire Pauper Lunatic Asylum undated.
General Rules 1862, 1855.
First report of Visitors 1863.
Reports etc of other asylums:
Littlemore 1850, 1851.
General Rules, Wiltshire County Lunatic Asylum 1852.
Report on Lunatic Asylum North and East Ridings 1850, 1851, 1852.
Report of Committee of Visitors, Bedford Lunatic Asylum 1851.

Note. These papers for the County Asylum never seem to have been gone through and put into order systematically.

Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]


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