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Manor of Crowle

Reference Name CM


1 Court Rolls, 1310-1724 and Court Books 1778-1928
2 Draft records of courts or court rolls, copies of surrenders and admissions etc, 1790-1925
3 Documents enrolled in court, including surrenders and minutes, 1799-1917
4 Miscellaneous court papers, including memoranda of surrenders, petitions, verdicts and presentments, 1644-1690
5 Miscellaneous court papers, 1781-1904
6 Schedules of fines on admission, 1822-1881
7 Steward's papers, 1778-1905
8 Rentals, Surveys and Accounts
1 Survey or Rental, early 14th century
2 Rental for Garthorpe, Amcotts etc, 1363
3 Rental of Crowle, 1379
4 Rental of Crowle, 1389
5 Rental of Luddington, 1414
6 Rental of Crowle, 1428
7 Account of Bursar of Selby Abbey, 1481
8 Rental of Crowle Forland, 1500
9 Rental of Brayton near Selby, Yorkshire, late 15th century-early 16th century
10 Survey of Crowle and Belton, 1738
11 Survey of Eastoft, Luddington and Garthorpe, 1738
12 Survey of the manor of Crowle cum Membris, 1738
13 Survey of Crowle and Belton Woodhouse, 1738
14 Survey of Eastoft, Luddington and Garthorpe, 1738
15 copy of Crowle enclosure award, 1822
16 copy of Luddington and Garthorpe enclosure award, 1803
9 Maps and plans:
1 pre-enclosure plan of Crowle, 1738,
2 pre-enclosure plan of Eastoft and Luddington and parts of Garthorpe, 1738,
3 Belton copyholds, 1738, with survey and tracing.
4 copy enclosure plan of Luddington and Garthorpe, 1797,
5 Crowle enclosure plan, 1822,
6 Crowle plan, 1817?,
7 Crowle sectional street plan, 1817,
10 Miscellaneous case and other estate papers
1 Acts, 1793-1836,
2 Particulars of Sale, 1864-1917,
3 Abstracts of title, copy conveyances etc, 1826-1910,
4 Cases and Opinions, 1816-1905
11 Enfranchisements, 1859-1925
12 Compensation agreements, 1928-1949

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Date: 1310-1949

Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]


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