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Medieval Font Bowl, Church of All Saints, Moorby

Reference Name MLI40798

Medieval Font Bowl, Church of All Saints, Moorby

A 14th century font bowl, re-used within the 1866 rebuilding of the Church of All Saints, Moorby.


A 14th century, square chamfered font bowl had been re-used and set upon a new base within the Church of All Saints, Moorby (see PRN 46704). The bowl had carvings on each of its four sides:
Side 1: Madonna and child with the Sun and Moon.
Side 2: Six kneeling figures.
Side 3: Man sitting with book, and with scourge at his side.
Side 4: Dead body of donor of font with two guardian angels folding a sheet.
The faces on the panel carvings had been obscured, but two crowned and mitred heads below the bowl were still intact. It is unclear whether the font bowl had formed part of the original medieval church in this location, or had been brought to the site during the 1866 re-building. {1}{2}

1 Bibliographic Reference: Pevsner, N., and Harris, J.. 1964. Buildings of England (first edition). Lincolnshire. p.318
2 Bibliographic Reference: MEE, A.. 1970. THE KING'S ENGLAND. p.274

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