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Conflict Commemorated:WWI & WWII

Address:Rookery Road


Locality:Rookery Road

Type of Memorial:Cross

Manufacturer:Messers M Tuttell

Materials Used:Stone

Description:The war memorial was erected in the most prominent part of the village. It stands facing - but some distance from - the Parish Church, and it contains the names of those men from Bicker - and one nurse - who perished for the cause of freedom. It takes the form of a hooded crucifix on a three tiered base. The memorial is surrounded by iron railings.

Inscription:Richard B. Machin/ Edward H. Nix./ John J. Steel/ John H. Bethway./ William Gross/ Fred Pattrick/ Walter Pell./ John W. Perry/ Jack Dowse./ Herbert Lancaster/ George Cole./ Nurse Martha J. Patrick.

Surveyor/ Supplier of Information:Cheryl Arnold

Notes:BICKER'S MEMORIAL Fine Record of Small Village MR. W. S. ROYCE, M.P., AT UNVEILING CEREMONY. The residents of Bicker on Sunday completed their splendid work in connection with their war memorial, a record many other parishes might envy. They first of all gave their returned soldiers a public welcome home, early in the present year, when each man was presented with a watch, suitably inscribed, and on Sunday they paid a solemn and silent tribute to those who belonging to Bicker - had laid down their lives. The event on Sunday afternoon was appropriately and splendidly arranged at the instigation of the Vicar. Rev. G. Clark, and in its beautiful simplicity it was awe inspiring. The unveiling ceremony was performed under ideal conditions. There was a large crowd present and the proceedings were followed with great interest and attention. The war memorial is largely on similar lines to others seen in various parts of the country, and it has been erected in the most prominent part of the village. It stands facing - but some distance from - the Parish Church, and it contains the names of those men from Bicker - and one nurse - who perished for the cause of freedom. The names are: Richard B. Machin Edward H. Nix. John J. Steel John H. Bethway. William Gross Fred Pattrick Walter Pell. John W. Perry Jack Dowse. Herbert Lancaster George Cole. Nurse Martha J. Patrick. The proceedings commenced with a procession from the Church gate, the Church choir singing, "Brief life is here our portion." The dedication ceremony was performed by the Rev. G. Clarke, and the Rev. G. Hall read a short portion of Scripture. Major S. C. Wright, R.F.A. of Boston, unveiled the memorial, and in the course of an interesting speech paid a handsome tribute to the men who had passed to the Great Beyond from the parish in the Great War. After the singing of the hymn "When I survey the wondrous cross," Mr. W. S. Royce, M.P., who was accompanied by Mrs. Royce, and Mrs. Holt-Hughes, expressed the thanks of the residents to those who had taken part in the ceremony. He congratulated the Bicker people upon having publicly welcomed their returned men home, and upon having erected a memorial to those who had fallen. They had not erected a memorial in the centre of the country, but one where is could be seen easily by them all. No one man had a right to say he would erect a memorial to these men who had fallen. It was fitting that they should all contribute of their wealth to that memorial, in memory of the men who had died, and they had discharged that duty well. He congratulated them on the possession of that memorial: they had finished their work, and he was glad to know that they were a community who had realised their responsibilities. The Re. G. Clark stated that they had spent £435 13s. 1d., out of which they had paid for the 54 watches to the men who had returned home. The memorial itself was absolutely paid for, but the iron fencing round it had not been paid for. They still wanted about £60, but he thought they would have no difficulty about that. A collection taken realised £25 9s. 4d. and before the assembly dispersed the "Last Post" was sounded. Boston and Spalding Free Press, Tuesday 12th October 1920.

Sources Used:Boston & Spalding Free Press, 21/10/1920, The First World War Memorials of Lincolnshire - Michael Credland pg 49.

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