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St. Mary & St. Gabriel - R.A.F. Binbrook Window

Address:St. Mary & St. Gabriel's Church


Locality:St. Mary & St. Gabriel's Church

Type of Memorial:Window

Materials Used:Glass, lead

Description:A two-light stained glass window with a small quatrefoil light to the top. The window is in the wall of the north aisle. A framed document explains the symbolism of the various elements that make up the design of the window.

Inscription:The Royal Air Force Memorial Window. Binbrook Parish Church, 1988. The window has been installed in St. Gabriel's Chapel, next to existing Royal Air Force Standards and Memorials. The design is to commemorate the link between the village of Binbrook and the R.A.F. Station, both in war and peace, and to be a reminder of the life and work of the R.A.F. community over the last 48 years. Notes on the Symbolism - beginning at the top. 1. The quatrefoil contains flames symbolising the fire of the Holy Spirit. 2. The left hand lancet, from the top: The Dove, the Holy Spirit, purity and peace. The Fairey Battle, first operational Aircraft stationed here, 1940. The shield of the Angel Gabriel, one of the patrons of the church. The lily, symbol of the Annumciation of Our Lady, connecting with the chapel and the dedication of the church. The Station Crest of R.A.F. Binbrook. The dedication: 'To the Glory of God, in commemoration of the life and work of R.A.F. Binbrook 1940 - 1988, and in gratitude for the help and support in the village. 3. The right hand Lancet, from the top. The Lancaster. The Lightning. The church of St Mary and St Gabriel sited within the crossing of the two runways, symbolising the link between the Base and the village. The Poppy for remembrance of those who died in service of the R.A.F. at Binbrook. The shield of St Michael symbolising the fight, and victory of good over evil. Also the Station Church of Binbrook. 4. The rainbow swirl at the centre of the whole design forms a union between the two lights, and serves as a formal device for speed, especially with regard to the Lighting, which is emerging from the speed rainbow. 5. At the ends of the runway autorus symbolise Christ the guiding light, and being five in number, remind us also of the five wounds of Christ. 6. In the background is a composition of the field pattern round the airfield, as seen from the air, which include the pattern of the hangar roofs as seen from above. 7. Within the lower third of the two Lancets are recorded the Squadrons which have served at RAF Binbrook with their dates of duty here- a symbol of all the work carried out on the Base by RAF and civilian personal, to enable them to enable them to fulfil their function of defence of the United Kingdom in peace and war. We hope you will agree that this is a worth memorial. Both to a busy flying station, and to its good neighbours.

Notes on Condition:This memorial is dedicated to R.A.F. Binbrook and everyone that served there over the years.

Surveyor/ Supplier of Information:C.J.A.

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Last updated: 13 Dec 2016

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