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Burkinshaw, Francis William

Conflict Commemorated:WWI

Address:St. Mary & St. Gabriel's Churchyard


Locality:St. Mary & St. Gabriel's Churchyard

Type of Memorial:Addition to Gravestone

Materials Used:Stone

Description:A three-tier inward-stepped base, from which rises a Latin cross. All elements of the grave marker are of well-dressed stone. The three tiers of the base bear the inscription in black lettering. It would seem that at some point the memorial has been refurbished, and during the process the two upper tiers of the base have been relaid back-to-front. As such the inscription does not quite make sense as Charles Burkinshaw was the father of Francis Burkinshaw.

Inscription:[Front, top tier:] Also in memory of HIS ONLY SON [Front, middle tier:] FRANCIS WILLIAM BURKINSHAW, M.C. CAPTAIN R.M.A. [Front, bottom tier:] DIED 13TH AUG. 1908, AGED 43 YEARS ETERNAL REST GIVE TO HIM O LORD [Rear, top tier:] In loving memory of [Rear, middle tier:] CHARLES WILLIAM BURKINSHAW [Rear, bottom tier:] WHO DIED OF WOUNDS 30TH MARCH, 1916, AND WAS BURIED AT SEA, AGED 26 YEARS.

Surveyor/ Supplier of Information:Michael Peck

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Last updated: 13 Dec 2016

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