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Lord Worsley (Death Plaque)

Conflict Commemorated:WW1

Address:All Saints


Type of Memorial:Board/Plaque/Tablet

Commisioned By:State

Materials Used:Brass

Description:The Death Plaque, a bronze medallion, 12cms in diameter, was sent to the next of kin with a letter of condolence from the King. It depicts the figure of Britannia with trident and wreath, surrounded by dolphins, and a lion at her feet; with wording around the edge. A panel below the wreath contains the name of the individual.

Transcription:He Died for Freedom and Honour

Notes:It is estimated that more than 1,150,000 were produced and the plaques issued commemorated those men and women who died between 4 August 1914 and 10 January 1920, for Home Establishments, Western Europe and the Dominions. The final date for other theatres of war (including Russia) or for those who died subsequently from attributable causes was 30 April 1920.

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Last updated: 13 Dec 2016

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