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630 Sqdn Roll of Honour

Conflict Commemorated:WW2

Address:Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage

Parish:East Kirkby

Type of Memorial:Roll of Honour

Description:Large wall mounted memorial with nine columns of inscribed gilt lettering on wood background. Sited in the memorial chapel.

Inscription:IN PROUD MEMORY OF THE MEN OF No 630 SQUADRON WHO LOST THEIR LIVES OPERATING FROM ROYAL AIR FORCE EAST KIRKBY 1943 to 1945 Column 1 Sgt P. Ackland Sgt. K. Adams Flt/Lt R. Adams D.F.C. P/O C. Agnew RNZAF Sgt J.A. Akers P/O C.L.E. Allen Sgt P. Amies Flt/Lt C.H. Armour Sgt F.R. Arnold Flt/Sgt K.J. Aspell P/O R.W. Bailey Sgt J.S. Bain F/O A. Bain RCAF Sgt J.D. Baker Flt/Sgt R.H. Banks Sgt N. Barker P/O W.J. Barr RCAF Flt/Sgt G.H. Barrington P/O H.J. Barrons RCAF F/O H.K. Battye P/O W. Baxter RCAF Flt/Sgt G.E. Bechouse RAAF Fly/Sgt R.J. Bennett Sgt J. Binnie Flt/Sgt R.W. Bishop F/O W.E.T. Bladen Sgt T.W. Blanc Sgt G.R. Boden Sgt W.J. Bott Sgt R.S. Bourne Flt/Lt E.G.W. Bowers Flt/Sgt R.E. Bowman RAAF P/O D.M. Boyd RCAF P/O D.G. Bradd Sgt H. Bradley F/O D.A. Brammer Flt/ Sgt F.G. Brezina RCAF W/O A.E. Broomfield Sgt L.A. Broomfield P/O V.W. Brown RAAF Sgt R.A. Bruck P/O G.A. Bullock RCAF Flt/Sgt H.G. Burton RAAF F/O J.F. Bush RAAF Flt/Sgt W.A. Butcher Sgt J.A. Byars F/O H.L.W. Cairns Column 2 Sgt J.A. Calder RCAF F/O G. Cameron RCAF Sgt S.L. Cameron Sgt J.C. Cameron P/O D.R. Carlile W/O W.J. Carrier RAAF Sgt A. Carson P/O D.N. Carter RCAF Sgt R.M. Cartlidge Fly/Lt D.E. Caudrey P/O E.F. Champness RAAF W/O L. Christie P/O J. Clapperton P/O W.A. Clark Flt/Sgt R.L. Clark RAAF Sgt W.P. Clough Flt/Sgt R. Coates Sgt H.M. Coffey RCAF Sgt T.W. Conner Sgt C. Cook Sgt L.G. Cook Sgt L.H. Cooper Sgt R.F. Cousin F/O G.H. Cowan P/O R.A.C. Cranefield F/O J.S. Cross Flt/ Sgt J.H. Croucher Sgt G.A. Crowe Flt/Sgt D.P. Currie Sgt H.G. Davies F/O W.A.C. Davies W/O G.J. Davis F/O L.G. Davis D.F.M. P/O B. Davis RCAF Flt/Sgt J.L. Davison Flt/Sgt D.A. Dawson Sgt E.C. Day W/C W.I. Deas D.S.O. D.S.C. & Bar F/O P.B. Dennett RAAF P/O R.E. Dennis RCAF W/O2 F.S. Dewis RCAF Sgt J.R. Dicken Sgt K. Dickinson F/O J.C. Doherty Flt/Sgt E.C. Doram Sgt S.N. Dougan Flt/Sgt G. Dove Column 3 Flt/Sgt A.G. Drake Sgt R.E. Duck Sgt J. DUFFETT Flt/Sgt M. Dunbar RAAF Flt/Sgt P. Dutchak RCAF Sgt R.J.H. Easter W/O E.J. Edwards Flt/Lt L.L. Ehrman Flt/Lt W. English F/O J.E. Evans Sgt C.J. Evans Flt/Lt G.G.H. Farara D.F.C. D.F.M. Flt/Sgt E.A. Farnell F/O C.R. Faulkner F/O J. Feldman RCAF F/O W.G.F. Filby P/O W.J. Fingland RCAF Sgt J.C. Fitzpatrick F/O G.R. Flood RNZAF Flt/Sgt K.G. Fogarty RAAF Sgt D.J.E. Fontaine Sgt J. Ford F/O Forrester RAAF Sqd/Ld A.E. Foster D.F.C. Sgt T.A. Fox Sgt W.E. France Sgt T.D.S. Fraser W/O2 A.M. Freeman RCAF P/O L.V. Fussell Sgt C.W. Garner Sgt B. Gibbons Sgt R. Giles F/O J.N. Gill Sgt P.A. Gilliatt P/O V.A. Goodwin RCAF Sgt W.J. Goodyear Sgt N.J.Y. Goulding P/O A.F. Grant RCAF Flt/Sgt K.C. Green RAAF P/O P.W. Green Sgt K.H. Greenfield Flt/Sgt W.E. Griffiths Column 4 Sgt G.H. Griffiths P/O J.R.C. Gutcher RCAF Sgt D.B. Haig Flt/Sgt L. Hall F/O B. Hall Sgt J. Hanna Sgt F.H. Hard P/O T.G. Hart RCAF Flt/Sgt F. Hartley Flt/ Sgt R.G. Harwood F/O R.T. Hayes Sgt F. Helliwell Sgt J.A. Helliwell Flt/Sgt J.M. Henderson Flt/Sgt A.M. Henderson Sgt M.B. Henley Flt/Lt A.G. Henriquez Sgt J. Heron F/O F.L. Hewish Sgt L.B. Hewitt P/O W.P.R. Hewitt RAAF Flt/Sgt F.J. Hobbs Flt/Sgt A. Hobson Sgt D.A. Holloway Flt/Sgt D.G. Holyoak Flt/Sgt J.W. Homewood P/O R.C. Hooper D.F.C F/O J. Hopwood P/O C.M. Houghton A.F.M. Flt/Sgt B.D. Howard RCAF P/O J. Howe Sgt J.N. Howie Flt/Sgt F.J. Howlett RAAF Sgt E. Hubbert Sgt R Hughes Sgt E.R. Hughes Sgt T. Hughes Sgt F. Hughes P/O L.R. Ingell RCAF Sgt R. Inglis Flt/Sgt W.R. Ingram RNZAF Sgt H. Ison Column 5 P/O A.T. Jackson Sgt D.E. James F/O W.M. James Sgt W.J. Jarman Flt/Sgt P.W. Jarvis Sgt. G.W. Jeffery Sgt R. Jeffery Flt/Sgt W. Jenkins Sgt W.H.R. Jenkins Sgt W.H.W. Jenkins Flt/Sgt C.R. Jerwood Flt/Lt G.R. Joblin D.F.C. RNZAF F/O A.G.G. Johnson Sgt J.P.C. Johnstone Sgt W.D. Jones Sgt D.D. Jones Flt/Sgt J.H. Jones Sgt R.M. Jordan F/O R.F. Jowett Sgt P.H. Kano T/S J. Keisow USAAF Sgt H.G. Kember Sgt P.G. Kempen F/O H. Kidd P/O J.S. Kilgour Sgt A.M. Kiltie Sgt J.K. Kimberley F/O W.L.C. Kirkpatrick F/O R.B. Knight RNZAF Lt G.R. Lacey SAAF F/O D.B. Lambton Flt/Sgt J. Lamont RNZAF P/O L.G. Lane Sgt A.A.M. Langridge Flt/Sgt L. Lawrence D.F.M. Sgt R.V. Lawrence Sgt G.L. Lawrie Flt/Sgt E. Leese Sgt G. Leggott Flt/Sgt K.F. Lenton Flt/Lt R.F. Lewis Sgt J. Lindsay Column 6 F/O A. Lindsay RCAF Sgt S.R. Loades P/O R.J. Locke P/O R.W. Lough RCAF Sgt E.A. Louis Flt/Lt D.A. Macdonald D.F.C. RCAF P/O H.C.L. Mackintosh RAAF Sgt M.J. Macnaughton-Smith Flt/Sgt M.S. Marks RCAF Flt/Sgt W.H.M. Marshall F/O R. Martin RAAF P/O A.J. Matthews F/O G.E. Maxwell RAAF Sgt D.K.W. Mayes Fly/Sgt A.E. McCormick Flt/Sgt A.H. McGill P/O J.L. McKenna RCAF Sgt A. McKenzie F/S C.R. McLaren RAAF P/O B. McLaughlin RCAF P/O W.J. McMeekan RCAF F/O V.F.D. Meade Sgt D.V. Menell Flt/Sgt A. Michaels Sgt R. Middleton Sgt. N.H. Mitchell Sgt D.D. Moffatt Flt/Sgt J. Montague Sgt J.D. Morris Sgt P.G. Mottram Flt/Sgt D.W. Muddiman Flt/Sgt M.S. Munro P/O E.J. Murray Flt/Sgt J.F.J. Murrey Sgt M.E. Murton P/O P.A. Nash P/O G.M. Naugler RCAF Flt/Lt T. Nelson D.F.C. Flt/Sgt K. Nelson Sgt A.R. Newby Flt/Sgt T.G. Nottingham F/O R.J. O'Donnell Column 7 P/O K.W. Orchiston RNZAF Sgt J.H. Overholt RCAF Sgt H.E.F. Owen Sgt L. Oyston Sgt L.A.A. Page Sgt J. Palmer P/O G.V.B. Patterson RNZAF P/O K. Peacock P.O. F.J. Peacock Flt/Sgt D.C. Pearse Flt/Sgt R.E. Pearson Sgt C.H. Pell Flt/Lt F.L. Perrers RNZAF Flt/Sgt E.J. Philipson Sgt B.J. Phillips Sgt A.L. Pickering F/O P.J. Piggin Sgt L.A. Place P/O D.I. Plumb Flt/Sgt J. Porter Flt/Sgt L. Prior F/O R.E. Proudley W/O J.H. Quinlivan Sgt R.C. Quinn Sgt G.L. Rabbetts Sgt J. Rae Flt/Sgt A.W. Reedman Sgt D.W. Remole RCAF Flt/Sgt F. Reynolds Flt/Sgt J. Rhodes P/O J.L. Richards Flt/Sgt C.H. Richardson F/O C.R.M. Richardson RAAF Sgt T.R. Riley F/O L.R. Rinn RCAF F/S W.J. Roche RAAF P/O K. Rodbourn W/C J.D. Rollinson D.F.C. Flt/Sgt W.J. Rosser Sgt P.R. Rowthorn F/O A.J. Sargent F/O R.J. Sassoon Column 8 Sgt W.J. Saxby Sgt D. Scott P.O. J.J. Scully RCAF Sgt A.W. Seago Sgt P.D. Secretan Flt/Sgt N.E.A. Sharpe F/0 W.J. Shearstone RCAF P/O A.H. Siemins RCAF Sgt J.A. Sills W/O K.A. Sinclair RAAF Flt/Sgt G. Slater Sgt R.F. Smale MiD P/O J.H.G. Smith Sgt R.H.R. Smith Sgt J.G. Smith Flt/Sgt W.E. Smith F/O H.W. Smith RCAF Flt/Sgt D.P. Smith RAAF Sgt V.R.W. Southworth Sgt A. Spence Sgt H.A. Spendelow P/O L, Spensley RCAF Sgt S. Stanton Flt/Lt E. Stead MiD P/O W. Stead Flt/Sgt G.E. Stenner F/O A. Stockill F/O F.R. Stone Sgt A.C. Stopp P/O D.W. Storey RAAF Sgt G.R. Stott Sgt K. Swinchatt P/O J. Symes RAAF Sgt D.F.O. Synnott P/O R.N. Taft Flt/Sgt S. Tatai RCAF F/O J.T. Taylor DFC Flt/Sgt W.J. Taylor RAAF P/O E.A. Thomas Sgt L.S.C. Thompson Sgt L. Thompson F/O A.E. Truesdale Flt/Sgt J.M. Turnbull F/O D.G. Twidle RNZAF Sgt G.H. Tyler Sgt W.R. Tyrie D.F.M. F/O R.H.W. Usher Column 9 Sqd/Ld K.F. Vare A.F.C. LAC R.C. Vickers P/O R.C. Wakeley Sgt W. Wallace Sgt K.J. Wallbey F/O A. Wallwork RAAF Sgt S.C. Walton Sgt E.J. Walton P/O R.J. Walton RCAF Sgt E.N. Watson P/O W.A. Watt RNZAF F/O N.E. Westergaard D.F.C. Sgt F. Westhead Sgt M. White Sgt P.S. White P/O J.F. White W/O J. White D.F.M. Flt/Sgt W.A. White P/O J.M. Whiting Sgt H.W. Wickenden F/O N.B. Wilcock Sgt A.H. Wilkinson Sgt. D. Wilkinson Sgt R.E. Williams F/O H.E. Wilson RCAF P/O A.A. Wilson RAAF Sgt D. Withers Sgt L.T. Woodward Sgt N. Worboys Sgt E.S. Worden P/O C.N. Wright P/O W.B. Yates D.F.C. Sgt W.G. Yorke Sgt L. Young P/O L.A. Young

Surveyor/ Supplier of Information:Beryl Blackhall

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