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Elsham School Boys


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Conflict Commemorated:WW1

Address:All Saints


Type of Memorial:Roll of Honour

Manufacturer:Messrs Draper of Brigg

Materials Used:Wood

Description:A large wooden board. Four panels hold the names which are painted in black. The top-centre rises to a point in order to create another panel with additional inscription.

Inscription:ELSHAM/ SCHOOL BOYS/ 1880 TO 1922 W.E. BEESTON, MASTER/ 1914 Roll of Honour 1918 (First Column) Andrew John M. Lincs/ Ashton George. Lincs/ Ashton Christopher Lincs/ Baxter William R.F.A./ Baxter Charles R.F.A./ Baxter George R.F.A./ Beeston Joseph W. R.A.S.C./ Beeston John H R.A.S.C./ Beeston Harold R.W.K. #/ Brooks Alfred Lincs/ Champion Thomas Vet Corps/ Carpenter William Can. RFA/ Carpenter Alice WAAC/ Carpenter Christopher RFA/ Carpenter Robert N. Staffs w/ Carpenter Bertie Cam Regt w/ Coopland Samuel Lincs w/ Coupland John Lincs w/ #= killed w=wounded p=POW (Second Column) Coupland Frederick Lincs #/ Eaton Robert Lincs#/ Eaton Henry H Lincs #/ Eaton Charles W Lincs #/ Elsom William H. Lincs/ Fidel George RFA/ Gardner James Devons #/ Goodhand Frank L.Batt/ Goodhand Sydney W Yorks w/ Goodhand Walter Signal Batt/ Grant William Lincs/ Hall Charles RN/ Holt Christopher Lincs #/ Holt William Liverpool Regt w/ Holt Ernest Lincs w/ Holt Charles Lincs w/ Isaac Reginald W w&p/ Isaac Arthur A RGA/ Isaac John L RAF/ (Third Column) Isaac Cyril RN/ James Lavina WAAC/ James Frederick RASC/ James John Hampshire/ James Charles E Yorks w/ Killick Henry RAMC/ Knight George F W Yorks w/ Lawtey Herbert Lincs MM w/ Leedham William RAMC/ Marshall Henry Lincs p/ Marshall Albert RFA/ Mc Gregor William RGA/ Mitchell Henry A&SH RIF/ Mitchell Frank R Fus/ Mumby George Lincs w/ Mumby Frederick Lincs #/ Norwood Almer Lincs/ Raspin Walter Lincs/ Raspin John Lincs/ (Fourth Column) Reed George RFA #/ Richardson George Lincs w/ Scott William RGA MM/ Scott Thomas E Y Yeo/ Stainton Henry RFA/ Stainton Sydney Mt Police/ Tomlinson Henry Lincs w/ Tomlinson William Lincs/ Tomlinson Arthur Lincs w/ West Arthur NthUb Huzzars w/ West Seymour RASC/ West Fred O RFA/ Whitehead Walter W Yorks #/ Whitehead David Nbl Fusil #/ Whitehead John Nbl Fusil/ Whitehead James Norfolks w/ Wilkinson Charles RAMC #/ Wrightson Fred Lincs w/ Wrightson Thomas Notts & D

Memorial Condition:The inscription is starting to fade.

Notes:Following the closure of the school, this memorial was relocated to the church.

Sources Used:Charles Anderson and Lincolnshire Star

Photograph Credits:Charles Anderson

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Last updated: 13 Dec 2016

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