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P/O Cliff Coward -Sprits in flight


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Conflict Commemorated:WW2

Address:Old Airfield


Type of Memorial:Stone of Remembrance

Description:The right hand stone with the plaque "Spirits in Flight" measures 1500 x 800 x 500mm, with the plaque 460 x 300mm.

Inscription:Spirits in Flight/ I saw them return seven spirits in flight,/ Engines fired by the sparks of the night,/ Lumbering, throbbing like a battered ghost,/ So thankful for a friendly coast./ / Glowing and gliding, it roars without sound,/ The rubber screams, as it kisses the ground,/ Perfect touch down, on a deserted plain,/ Now a corn field, a field with no name./ / Night after night, mission after mission,/ Heimets, visors, masks and ammunition,/ The seven Sky Warriors from long past,/ All knowing tonight, could be their last./ / I hear the fields, alive with noise,/ Filled with brave men, some are just boys,/ I see them walk, in their suits of leather,/ Slowlyand proudly, they walked together./ / Where their planes rose, to meet the foe,/ Now the larks rise, from their nests below,/ Down the runway, only peace is heard,/ Save for the wind, and the song of a bird./ / Time passes- January to December,/ From Spring to Winter, the years drift on,/ Every April, Every Easter- I will remember,/ Cliff, Al, Pete & John, Nick, Stan & Skipper Don./ / By Eddy Coward/ / Written on visiting Fiskerton airfield,/ In memory of his brother P/O Cliff Coward/ Killed in action on 11th April 1944/ Navigator on a Lancaster of 49 Squadron/ Writing from Fiskerton

Sources Used:Charles Anderson

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Last updated: 13 Dec 2016

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