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Lancaster LL956

Conflict Commemorated:WWII

Address:St. Edith-Nave, Little Grimsby

Parish:Brackenborough and Little Grimsby

Type of Memorial:Plaque

Description:On the east wall (north side) of the nave, a stainless steel tablet 295 x 110 x 2mm.

Inscription:From the villagers of Little Grimsby and Fotherby in grateful rememvrance of the members of the crew of "Q" Queenie. Especially those who gave their lives to save the villages of 14th October 1944. Lloyd A. Hannah (Pilot) gave his life Lloyd.A.Bennett (Bomb Aimer) gave his life Darrel.R.Paige (Pilot 2) L.Roy Strachan (Navigator) Ken McRorie (W.O.P) Robert Bennett (F/ENG) John Bilman (M.V.G) Jack Loughran (Tail Gunner.)

Surveyor/ Supplier of Information:C.J.A.

Photograph Credits:Charles J Anderson

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Last updated: 13 Dec 2016

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