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Moulton Seas End

Conflict Commemorated:WWI and WW2

Address:B1357-Roadside, (East side)Moulton Seas End


Type of Memorial:Pillar / Column/ column

Manufacturer:Mr. Henry Tagg of Holbeach

Materials Used:Stone

Description:It is of grey granite and takes the form of a tall, four-sided pillar with a moulded and dentilated cornice and a moulded foot. The pillar is crowned by a small, four-sided block of granite with a pyramidal top. The whole surmounts a three-stepped, square base. The upper part of the pillar shaft has a decorative band with a pair of crossed flags with the dates 1914 and 1919 incised to the western face, and the remaining three faces are decorated with relief-carved, paired rosettes between fluted pilasters. Directly below the band, to the western face of the shaft, is the principal inscription and the 22 names from the First World War. Three names for the Second World War have been added to the second tier of the plinth on the Western face. All lettering is incised, painted black. The memorial is enclosed by metal railings painted black, with gold painted finials. There is a gate to the centre of the western boundary flanked by decorative gate posts.

Inscription:1914-1919 To the glory of God, and in memory of the men who gave their lives for their country in the Great War. Lieut J.D.Ashford Pte.S.Bursley Pte.C.Bensead Pte.F.Buffham Pte.A.H.Cundy Pte.G.Courts Pte.S.Dolton Pte.J.E.Ginn Pte.W.Cray Pte.I.C.W.Gratton Pte.A.Hiccnis Pte.J.Higgins Pte.E.Hamilton Pte.J.W.Nickols Pte.A.Naylor Pte.J.Pilgrim Pte.C.E.Seymour Pte.E.Stennett Pte.P.Stennett Pte.F.Thrower Pte.E.Vellam MAY THEY REST IN THY PEACE, AND/ AWAKE TO A JOYFUL RESURRECTION. 1939-1945 Flt Sgt L Chapman DCM Pte. J Genders Lnnce Sgt F Motley

Memorial Condition:Good

Listed Memorial:Yes (16/03/2018)


Listed Memorial Reference Number:1454594

Notes on Condition:UKNIWM Ref: 43025

Surveyor/ Supplier of Information:Michael Peck

Notes:It was constructed by the local monumental mason Henry Tagg of Holbeach at a cost of £169, which was raised by public subscription. The land was donated by local farmer Mr William Pocklington. The memorial was unveiled on 25 January 1920 by Reverend Charles John Selwyn Ward, Vicar of All Saints Church, Moulton, who was assisted by Reverend Harry W Hart, Minister of Spalding Primitive Methodists. It commemorates the 22 members of the local community who died in the First World War. Following the Second World War, the dates of the conflict and the three names of the servicemen who died were subsequently added to the memorial. Restoration planned for last quarter of 2018.

Sources Used:Boston & Spalding Free Press, January 27 1920 / Lincolnshire Free Press 26/07/2018

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Last updated: 19 Sep 2019

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