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Conflict Commemorated:WW1

Address:All Saints - South Wall - Wooden Board/Plaque/Tablet


Type of Memorial:Board/Plaque/Tablet

Materials Used:Wooden

Description:A wooden board measuring 952mm high x 862mm x 40mm. The board is divided into two sections, and the names entered in 4 columns in gold italic print, the upper section lists those who died.

Inscription:Joseph Atkins Henry S. Fow Lawrence F. Jubb CharlesRoberts Sidney Baker Leonard Green Edward Lenygon Fred Robinson Fred Bell Joseph Hare Thomas P. Millington Joseph Robinson Arthur Blackburn Edward T.F. Hood Walter Needham Sidney Sawyer John R. Camm D.S.O., Croix de Guerre William Nicholson Joseph W. Searby Fred Caunt Alban J.F. Hood John Parker Charles Ward Charles H. Elsom Charles Ivo S. Hood C.F. William Parker Alfred Wray Charles Farmery Martin A.F. Hood Joseph W. Procter Harry A.C. Yarnall THE ABOVE NAMED GAVE THEIR LIVES. MAY THEY REST IN PEACE. THOSE NAMED BELOW, WERE MERCIFULLY SAVED. William Allis Aaron Gibson Fred Marrison Roger Sheldrake Clement Arch Humphrey Gibson John Needham William Shepherd Hector Arch Robert Gibson Leonard Needham Arthur Skepper George Atkin Herman Gooding Percy Platten Fred Smith John Atkin Fred Gretton Albert Porter William Smith George Baker James Hare Edwin Pybone Arthur Spencer William Barker Alfred Herrick William Rands George Tinker Andrew Betts William Hilton Cyril Reville Arthur Turner Arthur Betts Lincoln Hill Arthur Richardson Frederick Vickers Walter Blackbourn Ralph Hill Harold Richardson Frederick Walker Harry Borman Sydney Hill Joseph Richardson Edward Warwick George Bows Adrian Howden Stanley Richardson Walter Warwick Robert Brown Arthur Jubb Thomas Richardson Edward Warwick Fred Burkitt George Jubb Frank Roberts Edward Weldon George Burton Herbert Jubb William Roberts Ernest Weldon William Clare Walter Jubb James Rose George Weldon John Collishaw Benyan Jackson Frank Rossington Thomas Wilson Ernest Cook Frank Jackson George Ruston Wilfred Woolthorpe Charles Drayton John Jackson Snr. Charles Sawyer Fred Woodward Fred Edens John Jackson Jnr. Matthias Sawyer Albert Wylie George Farmery William Maddens Jack Skepper 1914 1918

Notes on Condition:UKNIWM Ref: 54320

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