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1st Recce Regt.

Conflict Commemorated:WW2

Address:All Saints Church


Type of Memorial:Book of Remembrance

Manufacturer: Memorial built by E. Bowman & Sons (Stamford)

Description:Roll of Honour written on 3 pages of vellum and stored in oak case, the memorial was unveiled by 1 Recce Regt. RAC Old Comrades Association and dedicated by the Rector of All Saints February 1948.

Inscription:(page 1)/ 1ST RECONNAISSANCE REGIMENT R.A.C./ 1939-45/ ROLL OF HONOUR/ (left column)/ J. Ainley/ A. Bailey/ R.A. Bailey/ F. Bailey/ A. Ball/ S. Barker/ J.D. Barron/ W. Baxendale/ J.A. Beal/ S. Beniston/ S. Bramhill/ A.Brooks/ A. Brown/ H. Brown/ D. Clements/ L. Clewly/ G.W. Cole/ A.J. Collier/ (right column)/ J.Y. Cortell/ H. Cumberworth/ D. Cumming/ A.S. Curtis/ R.r. Cutler/ E. Davis/ G.E. Davis/ K. Derham/ E.H. Dickinson/ J. Docherty/ E. Eason/ J. Egan/ A.H. Foakes/ D.J. Fyvie/ G.E. Glover/ F. Godson/ W. Goldthorpe/ D.G. Goode/ P.N. Grinley/ (2nd page)/ 1ST RECONNAISSANCE REGIMENT/ (left column)/ H. Greenfield/ K. Hale/ J. Haney/ R. Hanking/ R.G.Hanser/ A. Hart/ D. Healey/ G.E. Hein/ R.T. Hemming/ R. Henderson/ A.E. Henry/ W. Holden/ R.L. Horniblow/ H. Hudson/ H. Ives/ R.V. Jeffrey/ J.W. Jenkinson/ N. Jones/ W.L. Kennedy/ F.W. Kershaw/ H. Kimber/ (right column)/ A.A. King/ J.N. King/ J. Knowles/ M.S. Lowson/ B. Lucas/ R. Lund/ J. Lytton/ W.T. Marley/ L.J.May/ M. Metcalf/ T. Mitchell/ S.L. Moore/ F. Mullins/ W.S. Murray/ S.A. Neal/ T. Nugent/ W.C. Orme/ H. Padgett/ W. Parker/ W.K. Paxton/ F.A. Pegg/ H. Parkes/ (3rd page)/ 1ST RECONNAISSANCE REGIMENT/ (left column)/ J. Pitt/ A. Rald?/ W. Raw/ A. Richardson/ R.J. Richardson/ T. Roberts/ H. Salt/ D.C. Sanderson/ J. Sankey/ H.C. Soyer/ L.E. Shalit/ C. Siddall/ F. Stewart/ H. Stott/ S.T. Symms/ C.H. Taylor/ H.H. Thacker/ B. Thomas/ (right column)/ M. Thompson/ T. Thompson/ J. T?/ M. Walker/ J.W. Walters/ D.E. Watson/ B.J. Webb/ S.R. Whiteman/ H.C. Williams/ J.E. Williams/ H. Willis/ B.F. Woolsey/ C. Wright/ D.C. Young/ L.Young/ R.A. Young/ W.H. Young/ F.J. March/ (below columns)/ W.R. Cyrlas Williams R.A.M.C./ C Yalland A.C.C

Surveyor/ Supplier of Information:CJ Anderson; Morris Felton

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Last updated: 13 Dec 2016

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