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Stamford All Saints Parishioners

Conflict Commemorated:WW1, WW2

Address:All Saints Churchyard


Type of Memorial:Shrine

Materials Used:Wood

Description:Dark wooden shrine raised above the ground on four stilts. The memorial contains three inscribed sections, with gold lettering. A tiled roof shelters the memorial. Above the centre panel is a crusafix which has its own covering in the form a another tiled roof.

Inscription:Arthur Atkins Thomas Barnett Albert E Barnett Cecil Bartholomew Thomas W Barrett Albert M Blades Thomas Boyce Richard Brumwell Fredk C Cant John Clarke Reginald Clarke Albert J H Cole Arthur Cozens John W Croft John Deacon Henry F Dobbs * (Francis H Dobbs on External Memorial - Incorrect) George Downs James C Emmitt Walter E Bailey Richard C English Arthur Evans Margaret Evans * (Margaret E Evans VAD on External Memorial - Correct) Harold Ford Fred Fracey Samuel H Giblett Joseph E Green Frank F Green S H Halford * ( S Harry Halford on External Memorial - Correct) J Albert Hare George Harris Oliver Hudson * ( R Oliver Hudson on External Memorial - Correct) Douglas Jackson William I Johnson Thomas R Kenney Robert C Lattimore George Lane Ernest Littledike Stephen E Smith William P Markwick John W. Martin Albert G Medwell Herbert Miles Peter Murray Harry Newbon John T Nichols Alfred Osborne Levi Osborne John R Osborne William A Palmer Albert Parker C F Rice RN * ( Charles N Rice on External Memorial - Incorrect. Should be Cecil Frank Rice RN) Ronald R Richardson Richard M Robinson Stanley Rollitt John W Rudkin Ernest Saunders Harold W Scholes Frank T Senescall * (Thomas F Senescall on Exterior Memorial - Correct. Fredk Shelton Percy Sheffield Robert Smith George Snary Harold Springthorpe J Ernest Stubley William Thorold Herbert Tooley Arthur J Tyler * (J Arthur Tyler on External Memorial - Incorrect) George E Tyson Isaiah Wade Thomas Wise Harry Woodward William R Wright Fredk H Young

Surveyor/ Supplier of Information:Morris Felton; CJ Anderson

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Last updated: 13 Dec 2016

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