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Lancasters JB560, 596. 674 and 678

Conflict Commemorated:WW2

Address:Waithe House Farm


Type of Memorial:Stone of Remembrance

Description:Vertical black rectangular stone with Ogee top dropping to straight sides, standing on a black rectangular base. The Inscription is in gold apart from the names of the fallen and seriously injured. The names are in black lettering on four gold plaques, twom on the left and two on the right of the stone. The four plaques correspond to the four lancasters of the 100 Squadron that crashed in the area around Waithe.

Inscription:REMEMBERING/ The crews of four Lancasters of/ 100 Squadron theat crashed in this/ area on the 16th December 1943/ returing froma raid on Berlin/ (left plaques) HW-F JB678/ Sgt D.C. Denman Fatal/ Sgt I.A. Redman Fatal/ Sgt A.H. Johnson Fatal/ Sgt H.I. Blackwell/ Sgt. J.W. Christmas Fatal/ Sgt. R.G. Read Fatal/ Sgt C.B. Wallace Serious/ HW-H JB596/ F/O R.L. Proudfoot Fatal/ Sgt L. Noyes Serious/ Sgt S.D. Viggers Fatal/ Sgt J. Bamford Fatal/ Sgt B. Phillips Serious/ Sgt F.H. Taylor Serious/ Sgt B. Heaton Fatal/ (right plaques)/ HW-Q JB674/ F/S A.J. Kevis Fatal/ W/O W.H Harris Fatal/ Sgt D.S. Watson Fatal/ F/S J.R. Bateman Fatal/ Sgt R.M.J. Gaffney Fatal/ Sgt T.E. Cain Fatal/ P/O R.A. van Walwyk DFM Fatal/ HW-N JB560/ W/C D.W. Holford DSP DFC Fatal/ W/O H.B. Wareham Fatal/ Sgt J. Winderly Fatal/ Sgt R.E. Mason Fatal/ Sgt R. Mackay Serious/ F/Sgt H. Whygrew Fatal/ F/Sgt D. Bollingbroke Serious/

Surveyor/ Supplier of Information:David Deptford, CJ Anderson

Notes:The memorial remembers the day when four Lancaster bombers crashed following a bombing raid on Berlin. Seventeen Lancasters were returing from the raid. Low cloud and low petrol caused very tricky landing conditions for the Bombers. One Lancaster crashed in an attempt to make Kelstern. Another crashed at Hatcliffe top. JB678 and JB674 collided close to Waithe. The day that this happened was know as black Thursday./ The memorial cost £1000 to build.

Sources Used:Grimsby Telegraph Monday, December 15, 2008

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Last updated: 13 Dec 2016

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