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Conflict Commemorated:WW1, WW2

Address:All Saints


Type of Memorial:Cross

Materials Used:Portland Stone

Description:Decorated stone Celtic cross and capital on a taped octagonal shaft which surmounts a three stepped octagonal base and pedestal on which are three bronze plates with the names of the fallen from both world wars [4775 x 1220 x 1220 not including the stepped base]. At the east end of the church. The words "Our glorious dead" are inscribed at the foot of the base below the bronze tablets.

Inscription:(Left Plaque)/ 1939-1945/ F.J Barnes/ J.Bell/ H.Booth/ M.Button/ E. Collingwood/ S. Cowling/ S. Crowston/ M. Ellis/ With proud thanksgiving/ we remember them (middle Plaque)/ These died at war so that we at peace may live,/ 1914-1918/ David Lonsdale./ Walter Percival Sawyer./ George Horsley./ Arthur Moss,/ Harold Burton./ Carey Green./ George Gibson./ Harold Green./ Ernest Cyril Richardson./ Stanley Lonsdale./ Arthur Collingwood./ Herbert Stubbins./ John Benjamin Boon./ Frank Stamford./ Archibold Brown./ Albert Campbell./ Charlie Scott./ George Osler./ Harry Reed./ Henry James Booth./ William Fish./ Harry Parker./ Harold Hicks./ Fred Ling./ Joseph Richard Roberts./ (left Plaque)/ 1939-1945/ B. Fanthorpe/ W.A. Gaunt/ S. Hill/ R. Johnson/ E. Pilsworth/ H. Robinson/ W. Sanders/ C. Small/ With Proud thanksgiving/ We remember them

Notes on Condition:UKNIWM Ref: 51851 The memorial was unveiled on 11th December 1920 . The cross was removed from its oroginal location at the junction between Earlsgate and Roxby Road and now stands in the churchyard. This happened in 1967 due to highway alterations In September 2014 A resident of Winterton found 13 soldiers from Winterton that died in the First World War whose names did not appear on the memorial. The names of these men were to be added to the memorial.

Surveyor/ Supplier of Information:C.J.A., Michael Credland

Notes:The memorial cost £250 to build and was unveiled on 5 February1920 by Mr C. Hand, an ex-service man, who joined the army in 1915.

Sources Used:Lincolnshire Chronicle, Saturday Decmber 18th 1920. Scunthorpe Telegraph, Posted: September 17, 2014.

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