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Churchyard Cross

Conflict Commemorated:WW1

Address:St Peter


Type of Memorial:Cross

Materials Used:Limestone

Description:Two steps and the base of the shaft of the 14th century churchyard cross remain. The steps are square in plan and principally constructed of worn limestone blocks on course modern brick. The present form of the steps dates from the early 20th century when the cross was restored as a war memorial. On the north side of the upper step is a modern block with an inscription recording the restoration of the cross following World War 1. There is a medieval socket stone of octagonal section and a fragment of the medieval shaft. The upper part of the shaft and moulded capital with ornate crucifix are part of the modern restoration. The full height of the monument is approximately 3.1m.


Listed Memorial:Yes

Grade:Grade 2

Listed Memorial Reference Number:1146726

Scheduled Monument:Yes

Scheduled Monument Reference Number:1011798

Notes on Condition:Photograph and inspection required.

Sources Used:LCC designation report

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Last updated: 27 Oct 2015

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