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Conflict Commemorated:WWII

Address:Lawres Room, William Farr School, Welton


Type of Memorial:Book of Remembrance

Commisioned By:Paul Strong - Head Teacher

Description:A 90 page memorial book which contains the names of those from RAF 44 (Rhodesia) and 619 Squadrons who died whilst stationed at RAF Dunholme Lodge. Almost 670 crew from the RAF's 44 (Rhodesia) and 619 Squadron who were stationed at the lodge lost their lives during the Second World War. The book has a navy blue cover with the words 'BOOK OF REMEMBRANCE / No 44 (R) & No 619 SQUADRONS/ RAF DUNHOLME LODGE. The front pages are illuminated and the book is printed in a calligraphy style.

Inscription:619 Squadron: Plt. Off M. Adder Plt. Off N. E . Aiken RCAF Sgt. C. W Akeister W. O T .F. Alcock RAAF Plt. Off R. E. Alexander Sgt. G. Ambrose F. S. P. Anderson RCAF Sgt J. H. Arlow F .S. G. Armitt RAAF Sgt. J H Armstrong F S. T Ashton Sgt. H Austin Fg. Off R.B. Baker Sgt G Balaam Plt. Off N. L Ballamy Fg. Off D C Balsdon Sgt J D Barber RCAF Fg,Off R.J. Barber o Plt.Off J Barcley o Sgt. A Barker F.S W.P. Barnett o Fg.Off R.D. Bartlett o RCAF Sgt J.H. Bassett o Plt.Off G Baxter o F.S J. Beebe o F.S. K.A. Beech o Sgt W.J. Beggs o F.S. N.E. Bellman o RAAF Sgt M Benjamin o F.S. V. Bennett o Sgt M.O. Bennett o Plt.Off N. Bergland o RCAF Fg.Off J.R. Berrington o Sgt D.C. Betterton o W.O. D. Betts o RCAF Sgt E Birchall o Sgt D Blackie o Plt.Off E.J. Blackley o Sgt F.C. Blackmore o Fg.Off O.D. Blaha o Plt.Off E. G. Blake o Fg.Off F. J. Blake o Sgt R. C. Boardman o Sgt. D. Booth o Sgt C.J. Boreham o Sgt H.J. Bowen o Sgt H. Bowles o Sgt L. H Bozier o Fg.Off H Braathen o Fg,Off J Bradbury o RCAF Sgt R. C. Brand o DFC F.S. R.W. Brett o F.S. J.A. Buckby o Plt.Off W. Buckel o Sgt C Burgess o Sgt W Burke o Sgt M.E. Burnard o RCAF W.M. Burnett. o Sgt. C.J. Burns o Fg.Off R Burrell o Sgt K.D. Burroughs o Plt.Off R.E. Butt o RAAF Fg.Off F.I. Calcutt o Fg.Off T.S. Calder o Sgt J.M. Campbell o Plt.Off R.M. Campbell o Plt.Off E.A. Canty o RAAF Sgt B.W. Card o Sgt R,D, Carling o Flt.Llt R.F. Carnegie o Sgt J.H. Carr o Sgt W.E. Cavdell o Sgt K.W. Chaplin o Plt.Off T.G Charlesworth o Sgt E.H. Charlton o Sgt. B Chew o Sgt G Clark o Fg.Off A.G. Clarke o DFM Sgt. R.E. Clay o F.S H.L. Clayton o Sgt J.N. Connor o F.S H.I. Conquest o RAAF Sgt A.P. Coombe o Sgt H.T Cooper o Sgt C.C. Corrie o Sgt D.A. Cotter o Sgt E.J Courtnay o Sgt T.B. Cowley o Plt.Off F.B Cox o Flt.Lt. N Cramp o Sgt A Craven o Sgt L.A. Critchley o Sgt L.G. Croft o Fg.Off W.M. Crook o Sgt R.D. Crook o Sgt P Crow o Plt.Off L Curatolo o RCAF Sgt W.B. Currie o F.S. D. Curtis o F.S. R.J. Dash o Sgt D.C. Davies o Sgt W,D, Davies o Plt.Off H.N. Davies o Sgt. L.F. De'ath o Sgt R.G. Dean o Fg.Off F.A. Dell o Sgt G.A. Denney o Fg.Off H, A. Devon o Sgt C Dickinson o Sgt R Dickinson o Sgt. J Dobson o Sgt. G Donald o W.O. T.E. Dowling o Plt.Off W.J. Drew o Sgt D.C. Duggan o Fg.Off A.J. Duncan o Plt.Off L.W. Dunn o Sgt C.B. Edwards o Sgt A.W. Edwards o Sgt. J.M. Ella o Sgt J.W. Emson o Sgt N.N. England o Sgt D.J. Evans o Sgt L.J. Evans o Fg.Off A. Evans o Sgt T.E. Fardoe o Sgt A. Farmer o F.S. R. Fazackerley o F.S. T.P. Fenwick o Sgt. D.A. Ferguson o Sgt. R. E. Fincham o F.S W. Findley o Sgt B.A. Fisher o Sgt. R.G. Foot o F.S B.D. Frame o Sgt W.T. Freeman o Plt.Off C.A. Frost o F.S. P.J. Gilligan o RAAF Fg.Off G.F. Garland o Sgt J. C. Garnsey o Sgt M Gee o F.S. F.H. Gibberson o Sgt. K Gilbey o Fg.Off H.G. Cilchrist o RCAF Plt.Off G.P. Gillard o Fg.Off F.J. Glubb o RAAF Sgt G.H. Gow o Plt.Off K.J. Gowing o Fg.Off M Graaf o Sgt J Graham o Sgt H.M. Greenfield o Fg.Off A.C. Greenfield o Sgt. E.E. Greenfield o Fg.Off A. Greenwood o F.S R.F Gregory o RAAF Sgt E.B. Griffiths o Plt.Off R.B. Groves o RAAF F.S G.R. Halliday o Sgt J.F. Halliwell o Sgt R.F. Haly o Plt.Off D.A. Hamilton o Sgt J Hamlin o Sgt. R.L. Hands o Fg,Off C.K. Hanscombe o Plt.Off RC. Harding o RCAF F.S. M.H. Hardy o RAAF Sgt J Hare o Sgt L.A. Harrison o F.S. P.J. Hatton o F.S. E.P. Hawkes o Plt.Off B.M. Hayes o F.S. G.T Haynes o Sqn,Ldr G.B. Haywood o Fg,Off A.W. Hazell o F.S. F.E. Hennessy o Sgt P Higgins o Fg.Off F.D. Hildrew o Flt.Lt C.E Hill o F.S. R.P. Hill o Sgt H.D. Hoar o Fg.Off J.S. Hodge o W.O. A. Holland o Sgt W Holmes o Fg.Off W.A. Holmes A'Court o RCAF Sgt S Holt o Plt.Off S.D. Hopkin o Sgt C Hopkinson o Sgt C Hove o Fg.Off W.J. Hough o Fg.Off I.P. Hourigan o RAAF Sgt R Housman o F.S. P.R Hughes o Sgt. C.V. Hulbert o Sqn,Ldr C.H. Hunter o Sgt L.J. Hutchinson o Plt.Off S.B Ingram o Sgt W.C Jack o Sgt T.L Jackson o Sgt C.G James o Sgt T.H James o Sgt K.A Jeffrey o F.S. T.C Jenkins o Sgt W.P Johnson o Sgt A.J Johnson o Sgt R Johnson o F.S. T Johnstone o Sgt T.R Jones o Sgt R.W Jones o Sgt T.M Jones o Sgt G.C Jones o Sgt A.H Jones o F.S. J.T Jopling o Sgt R.M Jordan o Fg.Off K.S Juniper o Fg.Off G,H Kay o RCAF Sgt G.S Kemp o Plt.Off W.E Kewley o RNZAF Sgt R.A Kidley o Sgt C.E King o RCAF Sgt S.A King o Fg.Off R. Kirby o Fg.Off F.R Kirkham o RCAF Plt.Off T.H Knight o F.S. G.H Knight o RAAF Fg.Off D.S Lade o RAAF Sgt C Langleu o Sgt K.W Langstaffe o Fg,Off C.S Laxton o Sgt R Leosham o Sgt P.M. Lees o Sgt G.N. Lees o RCAF F.S. A.M. Leonard o RCAF Sgt H.A. Lewarne o Sgt D.M. Lewis o Sgt J Lewis o Fg.Off J.V. Linford o F.S. W.R Little o RCAF Fg.Off A.R Ludlow o Plt.Off P.J. Lyford o RAAF Sgt H.C. Macaninch o F.S. D.J. Maquire o Plt.Off J Marsden o Sgt R Marshall o Fg.Off L.F Marston o T.Sgt A.E. Martin o USAAF Sgt R.G. Martin o Fg.Off M McAlvey o RCAF Sgt. L.J McCoy o RAAF Sgt D.H McCrea o Fg.Off J.A McCullam o Sgt L.F McDermott o Sgt R.J McDonald o Sgt J.W. McDonald o Sgt C McFadyen o Sgt L.R McGrath o Fg,Off J.R. McGregor o Fg.Off D.N. McKechnie o Sgt V McKenzie o F.S J.A. McKerrow o F.S. J.M McLeod o RCAF Sgt H McMullen o Plt.Off A McNair o Sgt F McRae o Sgt G.S. Meakin o Fg.Off R.W. Mercer o RAAF Flt.Lt F.X. Merrick o Sgt N Metcalfe o Plt.Off G.R. Miles o Sgt K.V. Miller o F.S. K.B. Milton o Sgt S.D Mindel o Sgt D.C. Mirams o Sgt N Mitchell o F.S A.R Moffat o Plt.Off J.F Money o Plt.Off A.T. Moodie o Plt.Off E.G More o RCAF Sgt N.H Morris o Flt.Lt G.E. Mortimer o DFM Sgt F Mosey o F.S S.D Mullen o RCAF F.S F.A Murphy o Sgt J.C Murphy o W.O. T.W Myers o RCAF F.S A.P Myles o Wg,Cdr, J.W Nettleton o VC Flt.Lt W.F Newell o Sgt K.W. Nicholls o Sgt G.P Nicholson o Plt.Off A.W. Nolan o RAAF Plt.Off G.H Norman o Sgt E Norris o Sgt H.A Norton o RAAF Plt.Off H.G Norton o Fg.Off C.W Nunn o Sgt C.J O'Brien o F.S R.J O'Connell o F.S E.L. O'Neill o RCAF Fg.Off G.W. Oldham o DFC Sgt R Openshaw o Sgt D.D Orme o F.S R Oswald o Fg.Off J. C Oxborrow o Sgt H.P Page o Sgt G.R Parker o Sgt J.G Payne o Sgt D Penton o Sgt S Percival o Sgt W.G Perrie o Fg,Off L.W. Petts o Sgt W Philip o Sgt G.E Phillips o Plt.Off H.C Piper o Fg.Off L.G. Poperwell o Plt.Off J.H Porter o RAAF Fg.Off J Poulter o Plt.Off L Prendergast o Sgt D Prewer o Plt.Off L Priestley o F.S E.W Proctor o Sgt L.S Pugh o F.S E.L. Pugh o Sgt H.R Purseglove o Fg.Off V.D. Purvis o DFC F.S. P. Pynisky o RCAF Sgt W.H Qvance o Fg.Off L.F Quinton o RAAF Sgt K.L. Radcliffe o RCAF Sgt R.W Randall o F.S F.S Rawson o Sgt A Reeves o Sgt F.D.McC Reid o F.S. W.W. Rennie o RCAF Sgt J.A Reynolds o Plt.Off. T,B Richards o Fg.Off F.M Richards o W.O A.J. Richardson o Sgt A,J, Rickcard o W.O R.A Riddoch o RCAF Sgt R.W Rivers o Plt.Off J.A. Robertson o Plt.Off E.J Roe o Plt.Off D.A Rollin o Fg.Off T Rosser o Flt.Lt J Ruddick o Plt.Off S.I Rudkin o Fg.Off S.T Rundle o RAAF Plt.Off R.A. Rotherford o RCAF Sgt J Rutzki o RCAF Sgt J Sagar o Plt.Off F.A Salmon o Sgt. R.H. Sargent o W.O K Scholes o Plt.Off M.J Scholtz o Sgt E.G Scott o Sgt J.P. Scott o W.O D.J Scott o RCAF Sgt G.W. Scott o F.S D.F. Seager o Sgt A.A Seaman o Sgt W.A Sewell o Plt.Off N.M Sharp o Sgt J Shaw o F.S. S Shaw o Plt.Off P.J Shearman o Plt.Off A.M Simmons o RCAF Plt.Off J. Singer o RCAF Sgt W.G Singfield o Plt.Off G.A Skinner o RAAF Sgt E.J. Smith o F.S. W.J Smith o F.S A.R. Smith o Plt.Off B.C Smith o Fg.Off N.J Smith o Sgt J Southern o Sgt W.E Spinks o RCAF F.S G.C Spurden o Sgt S.D. Stait o Sgt R Standing o Sgt F Stanton o F.S T Starkie o F.S M.W Steele o Plt.Off G.N. Stephenson o Sgt J.H Stevens o Plt.Off D.C Stiver o RCAF Flt.Lt W.A Stratis o DFC F.S R.C Strickland o RCAF Plt.Off N.M Struthers o Sgt J.A Swinglet o Sgt J.A Sykes o Sgt N.J Symmonds o F.S W Taylor o Sgt A Taylor o Sgt J Taylor o F.S. D.A Taylor o RCAF F.S A.G. Terrell o Sgt J.W Thomas o Sgt H.P Thomas o Sgt H.H Thomas o Sgt J.B. Thomas o Sgt R.H Thompson o Plt.Off A.H Thompson o Plt.Off H.C Thompson o F.S W.H Thompson o Sgt H.V Thompson o Plt.Off R.A. Timmins o F.S E.J Tocher o Sgt A Tooth o Sgt P Tuppen o Plt.Off F.T Turner o Sgt G.B Tott o Sgt N.A Tyreman o Fg.Off F.R. Vowles o RAAF F.S G.A Walker o Sgt W.K Walker o F.S R.S Walters o Sgt T.D Ward o F.S S.J Wareham o Fg.Off F.C Wareham o F.S H.P Warll o RCAF Sgt J.G Watkins o Sqn.Ldr B.G. Watson o Sgt K Watt o F.S D.H Watts o Plt.Off R.H Watts o RAAF Sgt M.J Webber o Sgt G.A Weddle o Sgt W.H Welch o Sgt S.H Weldon o Sgt R.H Wellfare o Plt.Off L.S. Welsh o Fg.Off G.A West o DFM Fg.Off E Westgate o Sgt T.N Weston o Sgt W.A Whalley o Plt.Off P.B. White o RAAF F.S T.W. Whitehand o Sgt T. Whitely o Sgt N.R Whitfield o Sgt S.W Whitney o Fg.Off H.J Whitticks o Sgt G.W Whittles o Sgt J Wilde o Sgt G.H Williams o Sgt R.A Williams o Sgt W.F Williams o Wg,Cdr E.A Williamson o Fg.Off G.K Willis o F.S. J.C Wilson o RCAF Plt.Off I.M Wood o RAAF Plt.Off R Wood o RNZAF Sgt A Woodley o Fg.Off J.W Woods o Plt.Off C.L Wooley o Sgt G.L Wright o Plt.Off F.C Wright o Sgt A.R Yeatman o Fg.Off S Young o RCAF Plt.Off W.A Young o RAAF Sgt G.C Zedy o

Notes on Condition:WMO262416

Surveyor/ Supplier of Information:C J Anderson

Sources Used:C J Anderson

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