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Minutes of County Meetings to 1823, when Gaol Sessions superseded these meetings'

Reference Name CoC/2/2

Resolutions (chiefly recommendations to pay costs of gaol in usual proportions) sent to clerks of peace, who lay them for adoption before the magistrates of each of the three divisions. [The first of these annual race-week meetings at Lincoln took place in 1790. See 2/1 above, pp. 205 ff.].
f.1. Meeting of 4 Sep 1792. Present Sir Joseph Banks (chairman), John Harrison, Thomas Fydell, Humphrey Sibthorp, John Cracroft and George Uppleby, esqs., Reynold Gideon Bouyer and Samuel Partridge, clerks. The widening of the road to the Castle gate, involving alterations to Mr. Parnell's brewhouse, etc., now completed.
f. 3. 10 Sep 1793. Banks (chairman), Richard Ellison and the Revd Cayley Illingworth. Purchase of bulwarks adjoining the castle approach.
f. 5. 9 Sep 1794. John Cracroft (chairman), Henry Hutton, Thomas Irwin Bury and the Revd C. Illingworth. Various structural deficiences reported by Lumby. In future meetings to be held on the Thursday rather than the Tuesday of race-week, at 10 instead of 11 in the morning.
f. 7. 10 Sep 1795. Ellison (chairman), Bury and Illingworth.
f. 9. 8 Sep 1796. Banks (chairman), John Harrison, Charles Chaplin, John Cracroft, C.B. Massingberd, T. Irwin Bury and C. Illingworth. The gaoler in future to procure the agreement of at least one magistrate before embarking on any extraordinary works.
f. 11. 7 Sep 1797. Banks (chairman), Chaplin Massingberd, Bury and the Revd. John Myers.
f. 13. 13 Sep 1798. Chaplin (chairman), Harrison, Massingberd, Cracroft and Bury. Adjourned meeting on the 14th, when the above were joined by Ellison. The lighting of the castle, etc., considered.
f. 15. 12 Sep 1799. Banks (chairman), Sir Cecil Wray, Harrison, Ellison, Robert Heron, Cracroft, Chaplin, Benjamin Bromhead, Massingberd, and the Revds. Jeremiah Ellis, Robert Walls, Maurice Johnson, R.G. Bouyer, C. Illingworth, S. Partridge, Edward Walls, Dearing Jones, John Myers, Edward Waterson and John Ridghill.
Chaplain's duty set out. The magistrates who hold weekly meetings at the Justice Room in Lincoln are requested to deal with the late gaoler's accounts.
f. 17. 11 Sep 1800. Banks (chairman), Harrison, Ellison, Chaplin, Massingberd, and the Revds. C. Illingworth, S. Partridge and John Caparn. The Revd George Davies Kent appointed chaplain at £50 p.a. The late chaplain, the Revd William Pearson, thanked for his `exemplary conduct'.
f. 19. 10 Sep 1801. Banks (chairman), Chaplin, Ellison, Cracroft, Massingberd. Adjourned meeting on 11 Sept. attended by the same plus William Marshall, Bromhead and Ridghill.
Banks to investigate the case of Mary Evison, a convict sent for transportation but sent back to Lincoln first from Newgate and then from Portsmouth.
A meeting of magistrates to be held on the Tuesday of the next assize week to consider the state of the Shire Hall, it having been presented by the grand jury at the last assizes in consequence of frequent complaint from the judges.
f. 21. 9 Mar 1802. Chaplin (chairman), Sir Jennison Gordon, Harrison, Cracroft and Hutton. William Hayward's plans for improving the courts adopted.
Grand jury galleries to be altered, and an additional building added.
f. 23. Adjourned meeting, 11 Mar 1802. Hayward's plans and estimates to be laid before the magistrates of the three divisions. Lindsey magistrates to adjourn to Lincoln on 11 May, and Kesteven and Holland sessions to be kept open beyond that date (so that magistrates can report back to them from the Lincoln meeting).
f. 25. A further general meeting of magistrates. Chaplin (chairman), Hutton and the Revds. C. Illingworth and M. Alington. Lindsey and Kesteven clerks report the approval of their sessions of Hayward's plans and estimates. Three divisions asked to ratify a contract with Hayward for £499. 15s. 6d. at their next adjourned sessions.
f. 27. 9 Sep 1802. Chaplin (chairman), Harrison, Cracroft, Hutton, Ellison and Illingworth.
f. 29. 15 Sep 1803. Banks (chairman), Chaplin, Cracroft and Illingworth. The magistrates meeting weekly at Lincoln asked to give directions for the improvements in the courts suggested by the judges at the last assizes. The gaoler (Merryweather) to execute the orders.
(Minutes signed by Ellison and Coltman at Kirton and Louth, Michaelmas sessions.).
f. 31. 13 Sep 1804. Chaplin (chairman), Harrison, Cracroft, Massingberd, Illingworth and Ridghill.
f. 33. 12 Sep 1805. Chaplin (chairman), Sir Thomas Whichcote, Harrison, Edmund Turnor, Cracroft, Massingberd and Ridghill. Hayward presents a total bill of £612. 19s. 10¼d., of which he has already received £449. 19. 8d.
f. 35. 11 Sep 1806. Chaplin (chairman), Whichcote, Harrison, Cracroft, Richard Elmhirst, Charles White, jun., and the Revd John Caparn.
Charles Franklyn succeeds Paul Parnell decd., as surgeon. Hayward to survey the walls and report to the magistrates at their weekly meetings at Lincoln.
f. 37. 10 Sep 1807. Chaplin (chairman), Whichcote, Cracroft, White, George Langton, Elmhirst, Illingworth, the Revd John Nelson.
Repairs in progress of the castle walls.
f. 39. 22 Sep 1808. Chaplin (chairman), Cracroft, Langton, Francis Chaplin, White, Illingworth, Nelson.
Paving of the yards continues.
Magistrates present concur in the grand jury's recommendation about judges' accommodation, and resolve to have a meeting called on 14 Oct [see 2/1, pp 279 ff.].
f. 41. 21 Sep 1809. Chaplin (chairman), Whichcote, Sir Montague Cholmeley, H.W. Sibthorp, Cracroft, Francis Chaplin, White, Langton, Elmhirst, Illingworth and Nelson.
f. 43. 20 Sep 1810. Chaplin (chairman), Illingworth, Cracroft, White, Langton, Francis Chaplin and Nelson. Following a grand jury recommendation, the meeting requests the visiting magistrates to give directions for improving the security of the walls. [c.f. 2/1 above, p. 285. The 1790 regulations constituted the magistrates of the county visitors of the gaol, but this duty is not recorded in the grand jury book as having been delegated to specified magistrates until 1831.].
f. 45. 19 Sep 1811. Chaplin (chairman), White, Francis Chaplin, the Revd. William Chaplin.
f. 47. 17 Sep 1812. Illingworth (chairman), White, Elmhirst, Hutton, Massingberd and the Revd Edward Bromhead. Magistrates to meet at the County Hall at 2 o'clock on the day of the Stuff Ball to consider building an asylum, under the act of 48 Geo. 3 cap. 96.
f. 49. 23 Sep 1813. Cholmeley (chairman), Illingworth, Cracroft, Francis Chaplin, White, Hutton and Nelson. The Report of the Commissioners for the Judges' Lodgings presented, approved and delivered to the clerk of the peace for Lindsey. The visiting magistrates recommended to appoint two turnkeys (previously appointed by the gaoler).
A new gallows to be erected on the roof of Cob Hall.
f. 51. 22 Sep 1814. Chaplin (chairman), Illingworth, Francis Chaplin, Charles White, Charles Keightley Tunnard, Nelson and the Revd E. Bromhead.
A new bath house to be erected in the building lately put up in the garden by Mr. Merryweather. His proposal for an additional lodge agreed to.
Clerks of the peace to inform William Dauber that he must immediately take down a building erected against the south wall of the castle.
f. 53. 21 Sep 1815. Chaplin (chairman), Cracroft, Francis Chaplin, William Reeve, Nelson.
Payment recommended of the bill of Joseph Brackenbury (Lindsey clerk) re discharging insolvent debtors.
f. 55. 19 Sep 1816. Illingworth (chairman), Francis Chaplin and Nelson.
f. 57. 18 Sep 1817. F.J.B. Dashwood (chairman), Sir Robert Heron, Illingworth, Charles Chaplin, Francis Chaplin, Charles White, Richard Elmhirst, the Revds. J. Nelson, E. Chaplin and J. Ridghill.
A model caravan for conveying male convicts, laid before the meeting by Mr. Pelham, approved.
f. 59. 17 Sep 1818. Cholmeley (chairman), Illingworth, Cracroft, Charles Chaplin, Ayscough Boucherett, C.W. Sibthorp, Revds. J. Nelson and E. Chaplin.
The question of remunerating the gaoler for conveying felons, in addition to his expenses, referred to a meeting on the day of the stuff ball at 3 o'clock.
The meeting does not agree with the resolution of the Warwick grand jury that a sergeant should attend the midland circuit spring assizes.
f. 60. Extract from minutes of Bourne quarter sessions, 21 Oct 1818. The magistrates there approve the Warwick resolution, and are opposed to remunerating the gaoler for conveying convicts.
f. 62. Wednesday 11 Nov 1818. Cracroft (chairman), Francis Chaplin, Robert Cracroft, the Revds J. Nelson, W. Chaplin and E. Chaplin.
Agreement on an extra £100 p.a. for Merryweather for conveying convicts.
f. 64. The Holland magistrates, meeting at Boston on 19 Jan 1819, do not concur in the above recommendation.
f. 65. 16 Sep 1819. Cholmeley (chairman), E.T.F. Bromhead, Illingworth, Robert Cracroft, the Revds. J. Nelson, E. Chaplin and W. Cooper.
The Holland clerk to explain to the magistrates for that division the circumstances of Merryweather's application (having lost his former allowances) and to request their concurrence in the resolution of the general meeting.
f. 69. 14 Sep 1820. John Cracroft (chairman), T.F. Bromhead, Illingworth, Charles Chaplin, Francis Chaplin, Hutton Boucherett, and the Revds. W. Chaplin, J. Nelson, E. Chaplin, and John Rawlins Deacon.
The Holland magistrates still declining to pay their proportion of the gaoler's increased salary, Thirkill to inform them that had any of them attended the Lincoln meetings in recent years they would understand the issue better.
f. 71. The Spalding justices, at their quarter sessions on 17 Oct 1820, promise to send a representative to the next annual meeting.
f. 72. The adjourned sessions at Boston on 19 Oct makes a similar reply.
f. 73. 27 Sep 1821. Illingworth (chairman), the Champion Dymoke, T.F. Bromhead, Charles Chaplin, Francis Chaplin, Hutton, Charles Tennyson, and the Revd E. Bromhead, J. Nelson, E. Fane and E. Chaplin.
Since the two Holland magistrates deputed to attend from that division are indisposed, the meeting is adjourned to the afternoon of the stuff ball to consider the gaoler's remuneration.
f. 77. Wednesday 7 Nov 1821. Lord Brownlow (chairman), Heron, Cholmeley, Bromhead, Illingworth, the Revd Dr. Thomas Henry Coles, Charles Chaplin, Francis Chaplin, Hutton, Tunnard, Augustus Duggan, W.E. Tomline, W.T. Corbett, and the Revds. E. Chaplin, J. Nelson, S.E. Hopkinson and Peregrine Curtois. Resolution of 11 Nov 1818 confirmed, and Kesteven and Holland magistrates requested to order payment of arrears.
f. 79. The Holland magistrates, at the Boston quarter sessions, 5 Dec 1821, agree to pay up.
f. 81. Meeting of magistrates under the chairmanship of the lord lieutenant, 23 July 1822, to consider Mr. Smirke's plans and estimates for a new county hall. Sir Robert Sheffield, Sir Montague Cholmeley, Archdeacon Illingworth and 10 others represent Lindsey, Sir Robert Heron, W.A. Johnson, Charles Chaplin and 7 others represent Kesteven, and C.K. Tunnard and Augustus Duggan represent Holland.
Smirke's plan and estimate approved of. Magistrates of the three divisions recommended to authorise the Commissioners appointed under the recently obtained Act to treat on their behalf for the conveyance of the fee simple of the Castle.
f. 84. 26 Sep 1822. Brownlow (chairman), Dymoke, Sheffield, Heron, Illingworth, Charles Chaplin, Francis Chaplin, Elmhirst, Charles Allix, John Fytche, C.K. Tunnard, A. Duggan, Charles de Laet Sibthorp, C.G. Mundy, W.A. Johnson, and the Revds. W. Chaplin, E. Chaplin, J. Nelson, W. Potchett, W. Moore, J. Kendal, W. Dodson, P. Curtois, E. Fane and S.E. Hopkinson. Annual meeting to be held in future on the first Thursday in October instead of in race week.
No works to be done on the Castle without the written direction of at least two visiting magistrates.
Gaol to be supplied with provisions by public contract, under the visiting magistrates' direction.
Each division at midsummer quarter sessions to nominate one magistrate to form a committee to examine the gaol accounts, to meet at Lincoln on the morning of the annual meeting.
Allix and Johnson get Merryweather's salary reduced from £600 p.a. to £400.
f. 86. 2 Oct 1823 (at the Judges' Lodgings). Brownlow (chairman), Sheffield, Heron, Francis Chaplin, Henry Hutton, C. de L. Sibthorpe and the Revd J. Nelson and P. Curtois.
Magistrates to order provision of funds for work done at the Chapter House on the high sheriff's instructions. They are also asked to pay £300 per quarter (in the usual proportions) to the account of the visiting magistrates, for provisions and supplies.
Kent and Franklyn reappointed chaplain and surgeon at £200 and £100 p.a. respectively, under the Prisons Act (4 Geo. IV, cap.64).

Physical Description: Various sheets of minutes bound in a half-leather volume. 87 ff. and end-papers.

Date: 24 Sep 1792-2 Oct 1823

Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]


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