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Reference Name MON

1 & 2. Mainly title deeds, Monson and miscellaneous.
3. Title deeds and other documents, mainly parchments, in boxes like books, Monson and Newton families.
4. The same, Wren Bishop of Ely and his descendants.
5. The same, Howard of Effingham.
6. The same, very miscellaneous.
7. Miscellaneous books, including some Newton family papers.
8. Surveys, mainly Monson family estates.
9. Rentals, the same.
10. Accounts, Monson and some other families.
11. Vouchers, arranged in folders by the ninth Lord Monson.
12. Vouchers in untouched bundles.
13. Papers and books, office of paymastership of the Forces.
14. Diaries, Monson and other families.
15. Journals and travel papers, Monson and other families.
16. Miscellaneous papers, household and garden.
17. Maps and plans, mainly Monson estates.
18. Particulars of sale, Monson estates.
19. Miscellaneous estate papers, mainly Monson.
20. Acts of Parliament, bills and printed reports.
21. Personal documents relating to public life and office.
22. Documents regarding parliamentary elections.
23. Miscellaneous parish and manorial documents.
24. Sport.
25. Correspondence, Monson family and miscellaneous.
26. Papers relating to schools and literary studies.
27. Historical collections, mainly of the sixth Lord Monson.
28. Executorships and other documents subsidiary to title Monson and other families.
29. Newspapers.
30. Miscellaneous printed matter.
31. Journals of the Thistlewood family - now held at Yale University Library. Microfilms of the journals available.
32. Miscellaneous drawings.

Extent: 328 boxes

Date: 1221-1947

Notes: Additional Accession: Acc 2007/133:00 has not yet been fully catalogued - please consult an Archivist: Summary: A plan of Lord Monson's estate in the Lordship of Croft. 1771. A plan of Lord Monson's estate in the Lordship of Bratoft. 1771. Plan of North Carlton. Early 18th century. Ground plan of Burton Hall. 1807. 2 items. A map of North Carlton fields and heath land. 1729. Drainage improvements (South Carlton & Burton). 1850. Plan of the parish of Croft. 1834. Plan of alterations to the Burton Estate. Shaded in coloured ink. By Thomas White. 1770. Plan of Cammeringham, Nettleham, Heighington, Washingborough and Skellingthorpe. 1840. Plan of Croft, Bratoft, Irby, Burgh and Gunby. 1840. Plan of Burton, South Carlton & Saxilby 1840. Plan of Burton, North Carlton, South Carlton & Saxilby. Gives acreages and names of tenants. Mid 19th century. Plan of North Carlton. 1720. Alterations to South Carlton. Includes plans of cupboards, windows, radiators etc. and accompanying notes and correspondence. 1949-1950. 12 plans. Ground plan of Burton Infants' School. Undated. Alterations to a pair of cottages adjoining the Bede Houses at Burton. Undated [c1910]. 2 items. Burton. Electric supply. 1933. South Carlton. Proposed paint shop and forge for Mr Hobson. Undated. Alterations to a cottage at North Carlton. 1950. Ground plan of cottages occupied by Ormsby and Daubney. December 1924. Wilson's Lodge. Block plan of house showing drainage and dry area. May 1914. Cow Lane Cottages. Block plan showing drainage. Undated. Burton. Proposed internal alterations to a cottage. June 1951. Plan of proposed septic tank in North Carlton. February 1951. Plan of a pair of cottages at Burton. 1948. Proposed addition to The Smithy, North Carlton. 1951. Elevations and sections of Burton Rectory. Undated. 3 items. Site plan of cottages behind the church at North Carlton. Gives tenants' names. Undated. Welton RDC. Map showing various classes of roads. 2 copies. Plan of three cottages in Burton occupied by Elliott, Pacey & Briggs. August 1907. Ground plan of South Carlton School showing proposed alterations. Undated. Block plan of proposed agricultural cottages in North Carlton. May 1952. Plan of North Carlton showing the location of a standpipe at Lupton's Cottage. Undated. Plans for the proposed reconstruction of three cottages at South Carlton. 1912. 4 items. Plan of flat proposed to be built over dry building material store at Burton. 1924. Plans for the reconstruction of Burton Post Office and adjoining cottages. 1908-1912. 7 items.

Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

Access Conditions: No restrictions on access


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