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Packhorse bridge, Northbeck

Reference Name MLI60721

Packhorse bridge, Northbeck

Packhorse bridge, Northbeck


PRN 60721
This bridge is particularly difficult to date and there have been suggestions of construction as early as c.1250 and as late as the 17th and 18th centuries.
Stone Packhorse Bridge with two arches, span of c.2 metres raised on concrete pillars. There are no parapets. The top is c.1.5 metres wide with cobbled surface and large facing stones. On the north end, a large modern stone kerb protects the bridge. At the south end there is just a grass verge. The masonry is generally sound with some recent re- mortaring at the n end. a few recent chips in the pathway over the top of the bridge and one large facing stone missing from the top of the wall at the s end. A similar sized stone noted in the stream. {2}
The packhorse bridge is now [1987] by-passed by a modern bridge over the stream. It has two rounded ashlar spring from a central pier. Constructed from nicely coursed Lincolnshire limestone probably c17th or c18th. Rough cobbled surface leading up to south end of bridge has been re- pointed and the central pier has been concreted round. {3}
A good example; C.1250. {4}
In 2003 the bridge is by-passed by a ford although there is a wooden footbridge about fifty metres away it seems likely that the reference to a bridge in 1987 is an error in the original source. {9}
The packhorse bridge is believed to be medieval in origin, and is a small two-span construction of limestone ashlar with a road surface of limestone rubble. Also included in the scheduling are parts of the adjacent banks that contain further remains of the associated road surface. {5}
It has been noted that there is rough paving between the ditch and the hedge by the bridge. This cobbled path runs about 40m south from the bridge. {6}{11}
Although the bridge is believed to be medieval (15th century) in origin it was restored in the 20th century. For the full description and the legal address of this listed building please refer to the appropriate List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest. {7}

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