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Parish officers' account book

Reference Name MARKET DEEPING PAR/10/1

Contents: Section A.

List of subscriptions towards the repair of St Paul's Cathedral by virtue of a warrant from His Majesty's Commissioners to the churchwardens, 24 Feb 1632/3, incomplete (fol. 1).
List of church goods, William Hasell churchwarden [held office 1591-2]: 6 towels, a surplice, paraphrases of Erasmus, Becon's Postill, Bishop Cooper's Expositions of the Lessons, a great Bible, a common prayer book (fol. 3).
List of officers chosen as churchwardens, assessors for the poor, collectors for the poor, supervisors of the highways, 1586, 1591 (fol. 3 verso).

Churchwardens' accounts 1570-1598. Selected entries:
Payment for making of surplice, 1570 (fol. 4).
Payment to the paritor for carrying the copy of the register to Lincoln 12d, 1570 (fol. 3 verso).
(Other similar entries continue).
Paid for -- the book called the Defence of the pollyge of the Church of England 5s 8d, 1571 (fol. 5).
To the summoner for carrying the copy of the register and bringing it again 12d, 1571 (fol. 5).
Receipt of 40s which Richard Garth owed for his dykereeveship which was paid to the churchwarden for a bible of the largest, 1585 (fol. 6).
Paid for a service book 6s 8d, 1590 (fol. 9).
Receipt of xxiid from William Turner for the church clothes sold unto him by the consent of the parish, 1593 (fol. 11).
From 1599-1628 accounts for churchwardens, overseers of the poor (at first combined with churchwardens) and overseers of the highways - progressively less detail given (fol. 14 verso - 31).
Accounts of churchwardens, totals only, and only the names of other officers on election, 1629-1642 (fol. 31 verso - 34 verso).

Section B:

Two folios ?mid 17th century, accounts, detail.

Sections C-D:

Accounts of town bailiffs, constables and dikereeves, 1571-1647. Some years not all officers are represented, but it settles down for many years with accounts for each in detail. Less detail in later accounts, last accounts fragmentary and with gaps (C fol.1-12, D fol. 1-42).
The town bailiffs seem to have been in charge of the town stock and to have received surplus from or paid extra to the dikereeves and constables. They received rents for town lands, payments sometimes from other officers, payments for town bull. They also paid out for work on town property such as the school house, guildhall and bridge, for ploughing the town land, sometimes for buying seed and sowing the crop specified, payments for suits on behalf of the town with West Deeping and the Lord of Langtoft, neat herd, hog herd and payments on account of the town bull.
Constables received proceeds of assessments of the town for armour, training of soldiers, weapons, payments for subsidies, fifteenths and sixteenths, in the earlier accounts payments in default of wearing crops, assessments for the maimed soldiers, money for provision from Her Majesty, for taking prisoners to Lincoln collection (occasionally) for pest house and "visited" people (also made by bailiffs). They paid out for armour, weapons, training of soldiers, for caps, musters, to the chief constable for the Queen's provision etc, to the collectors of subsidies, for taking prisoners to Lincoln and for the gaol.
Dykereeves received payments for ? the use of banks and dykes, for willows, waines and assessments. They paid out for work on the dykes, hedging, wood and work on the pinfold, work on gates and payments at sessions of sewers.

Selected entries:

Town bailiffs:
To the Earl of Worcester's players 16d, 1573-4 (fol. C3 verso).
To the players at the church 10d, 1573-4 (fol. C4).
Collection towards the poor and visited of James Deeping, 1583 (fol. C7).
For minding the stone work at the Guildhall 2s 7d, 1583-7 (fol. C12).
For boards for the Guildhall door 16d, 1583-7 (fol. C12).
For ledges and threshhold for the Guildhall 5d, 1583-7 (fol. C12).
For repairing the bridge and the stone work of the arch 39s, 1583-7 (fol. C12).
For mending the "cuke stowle", 1584-7 (fol. C13).
For 3 strike of peas to sow the town land 4s 2d, 1590 (fol. D2 verso).
For ploughing and sowing 18d, 1590 (fol. D2 verso).
For "rigging" the same land 16d, 1590 (fol. D2 verso).
To the clerk of the muster 8d, 1590 (fol. D2 verso).
An account "for the juce of the fen", 1592 (fol. D5 verso).
Paid the hog heard on his going to London, 1595 (fol. D9 verso).
Allowance of justices for going to London about controversy between Holland and Kesteven 8s, 1602 (fol. D16 verso).
Spent on plough Monday 12d, 1602 (fol. D17).
For a drum at proclamation of the King 3s 6d, 1603 (fol. D17 verso).
Money for maimed soldiers, 1603 (fol. D18).

Warning soldiers at Grantham 2s 6d, 1583-4 (fol. C9).
To be allowed for musters at Stamford £3 2s 2d, 1583-4 (fol. C9).
Received of Richard Garth (town bailiff) for the carriage of Gamaliel Ratesey to Lincoln gaol 13s 4d, 1599 (fol. D13 verso) [See Dictionary of National Biography for further information about Gamaliel Ratsey.
Laid out for the same 32s 6d , 1599 (fol. D13 verso).
Paid out for the soldiers for "Gostend" and to the £7 10s 9d, 1601 (fol. D15 verso).
Payments for soldiers in Ireland, 1602 (fol. D16 verso).
For the pest house and visited people, Stamford, 36s 4d, 1604 (fol. D18 verso).
Received a seasment for Gamaliel Ratsey £6 14s 2d, 1607 (fol. D22).
Paid to Denis Wharton for the fine imposed by the justices at divers times for Gamaliel Ratsey £6 13s 4d, 1607 (fol. D22).
One of the bailiffs, William Hudson, account for the cause in controversy between West and Market Deeping, 1606 (fol. D21 verso).

Physical Description: Bound in leather, lettered Market Deeping Accounts 1570-1647. The original papers are interleaved with a 19th century transcription. A note at the beginning records that the papers were found in "the great iron chest in which the government award is kept". They were cleaned, repaired and bound by Tuckett of Great Russell Street, London, in June 1878.

Date: 1570-1647

Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]


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