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Prehistoric funerary monuments, Calcethorpe

Reference Name MLI43179

Prehistoric funerary monuments, Calcethorpe

Neolithic long barrow, three Bronze Age bowl barrows and enclosure 600m and 785m east of Poke Holes.


Long barrow cropmark possibly neolithic in origin. {1}
The long barrow is situated on the tip of a spur on the north facing slope of a valley of the tributary of the river bain. It is aligned north-north-west to south-south-east, and the long axis runs parallel to the contours. It is an enclosure of oblong form (u-format), and has a possible spur on the interior, on the west side. The ditches appear to be unusually broad. {2}
The scheduling includes the buried remains of a neolithic long barrow, three Bronze Age bowl barrows and a ditched enclosure. The long barrow, the two northern bowl barrows and the enclosure, together with the intervening ground, which will contain associated archaeological remains, are protected together in one area whilst the southern bowl barrow is protected separately. The relationship of the enclosure is not yet understood, but archaeological investigations of a similar cropmark site elsewhere in the region revealed evidence of an enclosure which was thought to be contemporary with the earliest phases of construction. It is possible, therefore, that such enclosures provided temporary accommodation for the barrow builders and their equipment. {3}

1 Map: Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England. 1992-1996. National Mapping Programme. LINCOLNSHIRE. TF2588:LI.157.3.1,1993,
2 Index: Jones, D.. 1997. Gazetteer of Neolithic Elongated Enclosures and Extant Long Barrows in (Historic) Lincolnshire. NO 34
3 Scheduling record: English Heritage. 1999. Scheduling document 29737. MPP 22

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