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RAF Donna Nook, North Somercotes

Reference Name MLI88878

RAF Donna Nook, North Somercotes

Site of RAF Donna Nook, North Somercotes.


Donna Nook was initially used as a bombing range and relief landing ground for North Coates from 1927. The bombing range included more than seven miles of foreshore south of Donna Nook Beacon and extended out to sea some 8000 yards. There were 5 quadrant towers along the shoreline, used to record fall of shot and bombing scores for the attacking aircraft. Donna Nook later functioned as a decoy airfield for RAF North Coates for a while. It also served as a prisoner of war camp during the Second World War (see PRN 46592). A few buildings and a section of perimeter track/runway are all that survive of the former RAF Donna Nook. The name lives on in the ‘new’ RAF Donna Nook which uses the adjacent sandflats as a NATO air weapons range. {1}{2}{3}{4}

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