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RAF East Kirkby

Reference Name MLI88675

RAF East Kirkby

RAF East Kirkby


East Kirkby originally functioned as a decoy airfield. Construction of the airfield began in 1942 and the station was operational by August 1943. Lancasters operated from the station throughout the Second World War flying the last operational sortie from the station, on 25 April 1945. The station went into care and maintenance in November 1945 but was retained for trials use. In 1954 RAF East Kirkby reopened to serve both RAF and USAF units staging operations in the Far East from here. USAF Dakotas of 3917 Air Base Squadron were based here until closure in 1958. The Ministry of Defence finally disposed of the site in 1970. RAF East Kirkby is now home to the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre (PRN 48236). {1}{2}{3}{4}

Possible traces of the former airfield defences were identified in August 2012, during lidar assessment of the proposed route of a new water pipeline between Miningsby and Boston. A pattern of shallow circular depressions along the southern boundary were thought to possibly reflect the former locations of searchlight batteries or gun emplacements. {5}

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