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RAF Swinderby airfield

Reference Name MLI83152

RAF Swinderby airfield

RAF Swinderby airfield


RAF Swinderby was opened in July 1940. It was used as bomber airfield, and Wellingtons and Lancasters flew from here during and after the war. It was used as a School of Recruit Training from 1964, and was closed as an RAF base in the 1990s. The airfield structures are still visible on aerial photographs. {1}{2}{3}
A site visit identified a number of standing buildings and structures associated with the military operations of the airfield. These include a modern control tower at SK 88546198, a water tank at SK 88526183 and a look-out mound and gun emplacement at SK 88757 61377. {4}
RAF Swinderby's Fuzing Point Shed is located at SK 89641 62658 (62454a). It was part of a Type C bomb store. {5}

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The following reports are available from the ADS digital library.
4 Intervention Report: Cotswold Archaeology. 2005. Swinderby Airfield Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment. -

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