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  1. Registers

    General register

    Baptisms 1706-1786.
    Marriages 1706-1753.
    Burials 1706-1786.

    Physical Description: Parchment.

    Date: 1706-1786

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1706-1786 SUTTON ST JAMES PAR/1/3

  2. Registers


    Date: 1881-1942

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1881-1942 SUTTON ST JAMES PAR/1/6

  3. Registers


    Date: 1813-1907

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1813-1907 SUTTON ST JAMES PAR/1/10

  4. Registers

    Baptisms and burials

    Physical Description: Parchment.

    Date: 1787-1812

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1787-1812 SUTTON ST JAMES PAR/1/4

  5. Registers

    General register

    Physical Description: Parchment, decayed, torn and partly missing.

    Date: 1679-1702

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Access Conditions: NFP

    Date: 1679-1702 SUTTON ST JAMES PAR/1/2

  6. Registers


    Date: 1813-1837

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1813-1837 SUTTON ST JAMES PAR/1/8

  7. Registers


    Date: 1754-1812

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1754-1812 SUTTON ST JAMES PAR/1/7

  8. Registers


    Date: 1813-1880

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1813-1880 SUTTON ST JAMES PAR/1/5

  9. Registers


    Date: 1837-1974

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1837-1974 SUTTON ST JAMES PAR/1/9

  10. Registers

    General register

    Arranged as follows:
    Baptisms, marriages and burials 1570-1602.
    Baptisms 1603-1644.
    Marriages and burials 1642-1643.
    Baptisms 1644-1653.
    Marriages 1603-1627.
    Baptisms, marriages and burials 1635-1641, 1655-1678.

    Date: 1570-1678

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1570-1678 SUTTON ST JAMES PAR/1/1

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As of January 2021, Adobe Flash Player is no longer supported and therefore browsers are disabling and blocking the software for security reasons. Lincs to the Past can still be used as a catalogue to search our collections for documents of interest, but you will be unable to browse through our digital image collections or view photographs. We are aware of this issue, and work is underway to make the contents of Lincs to the Past available by other means. We aim to complete this project during Summer 2021.

Thousands of object records are still available to view on the website and images can be ordered offline. For instructions on how to place an order please visit the 'Buy Images' page. Please do not use the online ordering system. For any queries about ordering digital images please email archive.copies@lincolnshire.gov.uk

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