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  1. School Records


    The Gainsborough Church Schools Committee was formed in 1870 to consider the provision of school accommodation in the town, and arranged the building of the Holy Trinity Schools. The committee was replaced in 1872 by the Gainsborough National Schools Committee, which was initially responsible for the Parish Church Schools [SR/241] and the Holy Trinity Schools [SR/240], and subsequently the St. John's Schools [SR/251] and the Church Street School (Free School). The management of the individual schools was delegated to Managing Committees which included elected parents or subscribers. The committee was replaced by separate Foundation Managers under a Board of Education Final Order in 1903.

    Extent: 14 files

    Date: 1872-1903

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1872-1903 SR/241

  2. School Records


    Records of the South Secondary School, Gainsborough, and predecessor schools. Lea Road Council School was opened on 3 May 1906, replacing the Bridge Road [SR/232] and Hickman Street Schools. There were initially separate Departments for Boys, Girls and Infants. In August 1930 the school was re-organised with Departments for Infants, Junior Girls and Senior Girls (Junior Boys and Senior Boys were transferred to the new Sandsfield Lane Council School, known as Benjamin Adlard School by 1932) [SR/230]. The school became Gainsborough Lea Road County Primary School and Gainsborough Lea Road Secondary Modern School for girls c.1945. These were re-named as Gainsborough South Secondary School and Gainsborough South County School in 1956. The South Secondary School was closed on 16 December 1965, as part of a re-organisation of Gainsborough secondary schools, with the staff and pupils transferred to Gainsborough Middlefield Lane Secondary School. In 1993, the Gainsborough South County Infant School was merged with the Gainsborough Benjamin Adlard County Junior School, on the latter site, to form the Gainsborough Benjamin Adlard County Primary School.

    Extent: 125 files

    Date: 1906-1965

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1906-1965 SR/252

  3. School Records


    Records of Gainsborough, The Castle Hills Community School. The School was opened in 1958 as the Castle Hills Secondary School, Gainsborough (during the planning stage it had been known as The Avenue Secondary School, Gainsborough). It was known as The Castle Hills Community School by 1997.

    Extent: 2 files

    Date: 1957-1965

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1957-1965 SR/255

  4. School Records


    Records of Gedney Dawesmere School. The school was built at Dawesmere in c.1856 and was initially known as Gedney Drove End CE School or Dawesmere National School. The school was taken over in 1895 by the newly formed Gedney School Board, and became Gedney Dawesmere Board School. In 1903 it became Gedney Dawesmere Council School, later Gedney Dawesmere School. Senior children were transferred to Long Sutton School from September 1948. The school was closed on 26 July 1962, with the children transferred to Gedney Drove End School [formerly the Gedney Drove End Board School, built in 1900].

    [Erroniously treated as two separate schools in Archivist's Report 15, p.46.]

    Extent: 12 files

    Date: 1867-1924

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1867-1924 SR/268

  5. School Records


    Records of Gipsey Bridge Primary School. A school was built at Gipsey Bridge in 1859, and was later administered until 1903 by the Wildmore Fen United District School Board, formed in 1879. It was subsequently known as Thornton le Fen Council School and continued to be administered with Wildmore Council School until May 1907. It became Thornton le Fen County School c.1947. Senior children were transferred to Stickney CE School from September 1951. The school was re-named as Gipsey Bridge County School in 1956, and later as Gipsey Bridge County Primary School. It has been known as Gipsey Bridge Primary School since September 1999.

    Extent: 2 files

    Date: 1895-1959

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1895-1959 SR/272

  6. School Records


    Records of Wyberton Primary School. The School was built as a National School in 1862 and was later known as Wyberton School. The school was transferred to Holland County Council from April 1940 and became Wyberton Council School (a name used until at least 1949). New Primary School buildings were opened in 1957 and the old school at Church End was closed in the Summer of 1961. By the 1970s it was known as Wyberton County Primary School.

    Extent: 1 file

    Date: 1903-1973

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1903-1973 SR/1238

  7. School Records


    The school was built in 1858 as a National School, and was known as Withern CE School by 1910.

    Extent: 5 files

    Date: 1863-1991

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1863-1991 SR/1222

  8. School Records


    Records of Wilsford Myers CE School. The school was originally opened on 13 April 1858 as a National School, and re-opened in 1877 after a closure of about nine months. It was known as Wilsford School in 1877, Wilsford Myer's School by 1899. It was reorganised as a Junior School on 2 February 1942, with children over eleven years old transferred to Sleaford Senior Council School. The school was closed on 22 July 1987, with the children transferred to Ancaster School.

    Extent: 23 files

    Date: 1858-1987

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1858-1987 SR/1209

  9. School Records


    The school was built by the Whaplode School Board in 1878 as the Whaplode Saracen's Head Board School. It became the Whaplode Saracen's Head Council School in 1903 and a County School in the late 1940s. The school was closed in 1975, with the children transferred to Holbeach Bank School and Moulton Village School.

    Extent: 1 file

    Date: 1941-1975

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1941-1975 SR/1198

  10. School Records


    Records of Welton le Wold CE School, formerly a National School. The school was received into union with the National Society in 1837, and new premises were built in 1840. It was re-organised as a junior school in December 1928. Senior children were transferred to Louth Monks Dyke Senior School from September 1942. The school was closed on 26 July 1974, with the children transferred to Louth St Michael's School.

    Extent: 5 files

    Date: 1891-1974

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1891-1974 SR/1180

  11. School Records


    Records of Wellingore CE Primary School, formerly a National School opened pre-1864. Temporary accommodation was provided in an ex-Land Army Hostel from March 1951, the original builings having been declared unsuitable. Senior children were transferred to the new Welbourn Sir William Robertson Secondary Modern School from February 1961. The school appears to have been closed on 22 July 1982, with the children transferred to schools at Navenby and Coleby.

    Extent: 9 files

    Date: 1864-1982

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1864-1982 SR/1175

  12. School Records


    Records of Wainfleet All Saints Joint Controlled Primary School. The school was formed in 1960 by the amalgamation of Wainfleet All Saints CE School [see SR/1155] and Wainfleet Methodist School [see SR/1159]. It was known as Wainfleet All Saints Joint Controlled School until 1979. The school was closed in 1987 as part of the amalgamation of the three local primary schools as a new school in the premises of the Magdalen Secondary School, which was also closing.

    Extent: 1 file

    Date: 1958-1987

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1958-1987 SR/1156

  13. School Records


    Records of Thorpe-on-the-Hill St Michael's CE Primary School. Formerly a National School, built c.1855. By the 1950s it was known as Thorpe-on-the-Hill CE School. Prior to September 1999 it was known as Thorpe-on-the-Hill CE Primary School, since when the present name has been used.

    Extent: 1 file

    Date: 1903-1979

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1903-1979 SR/1122

  14. School Records


    Records of Theddlethorpe Primary School. The school was opened before 1883 as Theddlethorpe Wesleyan Day School. It was transferred to Lindsey County Council c.1930 and became Theddlethorpe Council School. The school was reorganised as a junior school in September 1931, taking in juniors from the closed Theddlethorpe CE School [see SR/1115]. Senior children were transferred to the Mablethorpe Council School. From 1948 until September 1999 the school was known as Theddlethorpe County Primary School, since when the current name has been used.

    Extent: 136 files

    Date: 1889-2000

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1889-2000 SR/1116

  15. School Records


    Records of Theddlethorpe CE School. The school was founded in 1810 and became a National School. By the 1920s it was known as Theddlethorpe CE School and taught juniors and senior girls. The school was closed in 1931, with the juniors transferred to the Theddlethorpe Council School [see SR/1116] and the senior girls transferred to the Mablethorpe Council School.

    Extent: 3 files

    Date: 1874-1931

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1874-1931 SR/1115

  16. School Records


    Records of Tallington County Primary School. The school originally opened in 1841. New buildings were erected in 1868, and it became Tallington Parochial Church of England School in October 1869. In September 1884 it became Tallington Board School, administered by Tallington School Board, formed in that year. The school was enlarged in 1896. It became Tallington Council School in 1903 and was a junior school by 1938, with senior pupils attending schools in Stamford. The school became Tallington County School in the late 1940s and by 1975 it was known as Tallington County Primary School. The school was closed in 1980, with the children transferred to Uffington School from September.

    Extent: 4 files

    Date: 1875-1980

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1875-1980 SR/1100

  17. School Records


    Records of Tumby Woodside CE School. The school was built in 1878. It was initially known as Tumby Woodside School, but was known by 1903 as Tumby Woodside National School, and by 1909 as Tumby Woodside CE School. Senior children were transferred to the Tattershall Gartree Secondary Modern School in April 1954. The school was closed on 22 July 1982, with the children dispersed to other schools in the area.

    Extent: 9 files

    Date: 1879-1982

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1879-1982 SR/1134

  18. School Records


    Records of Morton Trentside Primary School. The school was built in 1843 as a National School and enlarged in 1871. An Infant schoolroom was added in 1882. The school was known as Morton CE School by 1903 and was transferred to Lindsey County Council in 1929 to become Morton Council School. Senior children were transferred to Ropery Road School, Gainsborough, in January 1946. The school became Morton County Primary School or Morton County School in 1947. The school moved to a new site in the 1980s or 1990s and the name was changed to Morton Trentside County Primary School. The current title has been used since September 1999.

    Former reference: SR MORTON BY GAINSBOROUGH.

    Extent: 16 files

    Date: 1868-1979

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1868-1979 SR/756

  19. School Records


    Records of Rothwell County Primary School. The school was built in 1856 and enlarged in 1895. In 1875 it was taken over as Rothwell Board School by the Rothwell School Board, formed in 1874. It became Rothwell Council School in 1903. Older pupils were transferred to the new Caistor Senior School in 1938. The school became Rothwell County School in 1947 and Rothwell County Primary School in 1970. The school was closed on 22 July 1981, with the children transferred to Caistor Primary School.

    Extent: 6 files

    Date: 1891-1981

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1891-1981 SR/847

  20. School Records


    Records of Lincoln St. Martin's First School. The school was first opened in Hungate on 13 January 1868 as Lincoln St. Martin's Parochial School, with separate schools for Infants and Mixed. On 11 January 1869 the boys moved into their own premises, resulting in the creation of a Girls' School and a Boys' School [see SR/626]. The Boys' School moved to new premises in Beaumont Fee in 1896, leaving the Girls' and Infants' Schools at the Hungate premises. The Infants' and Girls' Schools closed in October 1929, and re-opened on 5 November as a Junior Girls' and Infants' School. Girls over the age of 11 were transferred to the premises of the newly closed Spring Hill Council School [see SR/651 and LC Educ/1/13/1.], which became Spring Hill Girls' School, and the pupils from Spring Hill were admitted to St. Martin's. The school became a Controlled School in 1952 and was re-named St. Martin's CE Controlled Primary School. From 1 September 1971 the school was re-organised for children up to the age of 8 instead of 11, and re-named St. Martin's First School. Children over 8 were transferred to St. Faith's Middle School. In September 1978 the school was moved into the nearby premises of the Spring Hill Music Centre because of the unsatisfactory condition of the Hungate premises. The school was finally closed on 18 July 1984, with the children transferred to St. Faith's Infants' School and Nursery, [SR/617] and St. Faith & St. Martin's Middle School.

    Extent: 115 files

    Date: 1868-1984

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1868-1984 SR/627

  21. School Records


    Records of St. Faith's CE Infant School, Lincoln. The parish of Lincoln St. Mary le Wigford purchased land in West Parade in August 1873 and built Infants' and Upper Schools, which opened as National Schools in January 1876. The Upper School became a Girls' School in 1878, with older boys sent to other schools until a separate Boys' School was opened in January 1890. The Boys' School was known as St. Faith's Central School Boys' Department from September 1923. In 1931 boys over the age of 11 were transferred to the new Rosemary Boys' School, and the Boys' School became St. Faith's Junior Boys' School. At the same time girls over 11 were transferred to other schools and the Girls' School became a Junior Girls' School. The two Junior Schools were re-organised as a Junior Mixed Department in 1935. The Junior School became a Controlled School in 1949, as did the Infants' School in 1950. In September 1971 the Infants' School became a First School for 5-8 year olds, taking up the whole of the West Parade Premises, and the Junior School became a Middle School for 8-12 year olds, based in the former Rosemary Boys' Secondary School building in Hampton Street [now St. Faith and St. Martin CE Junior School]. The First School moved to a new site at West Parade in September 1974, and was later re-organised as an Infant School [after 1982].

    Date: 1877-1999

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1877-1999 SR/617

  22. School Records


    Records of Monks Abbey Primary School, Lincoln. The school was opened on 15 June 1905 as Monks Road Council School, and was enlarged in 1911. There were initially Mixed (8+ years) and Infants' Departments. The Mixed Department was re-organised in June 1920 as Boys' and Girls' Departments. However, in September 1930 the Boys' and Girls' Departments were closed and replaced by Senior (11+) and Junior Mixed Departments. By September 1935 the Senior Department had been closed. By the 1950s the Infants' and Junior Departments were together known as Monks Road County Primary School. The school was re-organised as Monks Abbey First School and Monks Abbey Middle School c.1971, was later re-organised as Monks Abbey County Primary School, and has been known by its current name since September 1999.

    Extent: 15 files

    Date: 1905-1977

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1905-1977 SR/599

  23. School Records


    Records of Lincoln, Christ's Hospital Girls' High School. The school was founded in 1892, using funds from the original Christ's Hospital School (closed in 1883). In 1974, the school amalgamated with The Lincoln School, St. Giles Secondary Modern Boys' School and Myle Cross Secondary School for Girls, to form Lincoln Christ's Hospital School.

    Extent: 39 files

    Date: 1893-1973

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1893-1973 SR/577

  24. School Records


    Records of Chaplin Street Council School, Lincoln, previously St. Peter's Wesleyan Infants School. St. Peter's Wesleyan Day School in Alfred Street was opened for all ages on 20 March 1865. The school was moved into the disused Wesleyan chapel in Alfred Street on 24 May 1875, the old premises having been overcrowded. Following repeated complaints from the HM Inspectors, the school was re-organised at the end of 1877, with separate Departments created for Mixed and Infants. The infants were moved to a new Infants' Day School in Chaplin Street on 12 August 1881 (the Mixed School remained at the Alfred Street premises). The school was transferred to the Lincoln Education Authority on 29 December 1905 and became Chaplin Street Council School. The school was closed between 1923 and 1926.

    Extent: 2 files

    Date: 1871-1905

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1871-1905 SR/575

  25. School Records


    Records of Bishop King CE School, Lincoln. The school began as St. Andrew's Mixed School, a National School opened in December 1886, in St. Andrew Street. An additional branch was opened in September 1896. Separate Girls' and Boys' Schools were formed from the Mixed School in February 1898, the boys being housed in the newer premises. The schools were re-organised in November 1900 as a Senior Mixed School, a combined Junior Girls' and Infants' School, and a Junior Boy's School. [For records of the Mixed, Girls', Junior and Infants' Schools, see SR/611].

    The Senior School was re-organised in 1923 as a selective Central School serving non-provided schools in the south of the city. This developed into St. Andrews CE Secondary School, a mixed secondary modern school, and the name was changed to Bishop King CE Secondary School in 1957. Major renovations were carried out in 1956-57 and additional buildings opened in 1968. The school was closed on 19 July 1974, and re-opened in September as Bishop King Middle School [now Bishop King CE Primary School].

    Extent: 12 files

    Date: 1900-1974

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1900-1974 SR/570

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