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  1. School Records


    Records of Welby CE School, formerly a National School. A school in the parish was united with the National Society in 1837, and a new school was built in 1869. It had become a primary school by 1953. The school was closed on 18 July 1972, with the children transferred to the Grantham National School and Heydour CE School (re-named Heydour and Welby CE School).

    Extent: 3 files

    Date: 1869-1972

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1869-1972 SR/1173

  2. School Records


    Records of Willingham County Primary School, Willingham by Stow. The school was originally opened in 1818 and re-opened as Willingham Board School in January 1877, administered by the Willingham School Board. It became Willingham Council School in 1903, and was known as Willingham County Primary School by 1947. From 1951 until 1974 it was known as Willingham by Stow County School. From 1975 it was again known as Willingham County Primary School. The school was closed on 7 August 1995.

    Extent: 11 files

    Date: 1877-1995

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1877-1995 SR/1204

  3. School Records


    Records of St. Christopher's School, Lincoln. The school was built at Hykeham Road in 1966, replacing the St. Catharine's School at South Park. It was designed as a special school for 130 ESN pupils between the ages of 7 and 16 years. The age range was later extended to children from the age of 3 upwards.

    Extent: 6 files

    Date: 1966-1967

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1966-1967 SR/613

  4. School Records


    Records of Greetham CE School. The school was built in 1871 and was also known as Greetham School. Children over the age of 11 years were being transferred to schools in Horncastle by 1929. The school was closed on 17 July 1970, with the children transferred to Tetford County Primary School.

    Extent: 20 files

    Date: 1933-1973

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1933-1973 SR/404

  5. School Records


    Records of Kirton Primary School, Kirton (Holland). The school was opened in 1974, and known as Kirton County Primary School prior to September 1999, since when the current title has been used.

    Extent: 3 files

    Date: 1979

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1979 SR/526

  6. School Records


    Records of the Bilsby Council School. The school was built in 1876 as Bilsby Board School by the Bilsby School Board, formed in that year. The school became a Council School in 1903 and was closed in 1932.

    Extent: 1 file

    Date: 1916-1932

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1916-1932 SR/044

  7. School Records


    Records of Louth Nursery School, Kidgate. The school was opened in 1933 and was closed on 19 July 1985, with the children transferred to the Eastfield Nursery Unit at Louth Eastfield County Infants School

    Extent: 3 files

    Date: 1937-1985

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1937-1985 SR/698

  8. School Records


    Records of Stapleford CE School. The school was built in 1867 as a National School. Senior pupils appear to have been transferred to Bassingham in April 1943. The school was closed on 18 July 1984, with the children transferred to Bassingham County School.

    Former reference: SR STAPLEFORD.

    Extent: 4 files

    Date: 1901-1984

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1901-1984 SR/1054

  9. School Records


    Records of North Witham CE School. The school was built in 1872, and was known as North Witham CE School by 1903. The school, by then housed at the church, was discontinued on 22 May 1942 as the supply teacher in charge was needed elsewhere. The six remaining pupils were transferred to the schools at South Witham and Colsterworth.

    Extent: 1 file

    Date: 1874-1938

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1874-1938 SR/804

  10. School Records


    Records of the Corby Glen Community Primary School. The school was opened on 17 June 1878 as the Corby Board School, by the Corby School Board. It became Corby Council School in 1903, and Corby Council School c1947. Children over 14 were transferred to Bourne Secondary Modern School in January 1948. The school's name was changed to Corby Glen Primary School in September 1956, and by 1960 it was known as Corby Glen County Primary School. The current title has been used since September 1999.

    Extent: 37 files

    Date: 1878-1993

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1878-1993 SR/130

  11. School Records


    Records of Hemingby Hospital School. The school was originally founded as a Free School by Jane Lady Dymoke in 1727. It was known as Hemingby Hospital School by 1903. From the late 1940s senior children were transferred to Horncastle. The school appears to have been closed on 17 July 1970.

    Former reference: HEMINGBY HOSPITAL S.R.

    Extent: 25 files

    Date: 1926-1970

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1926-1970 SR/438

  12. School Records


    Records of Hatton CE School. The school was built as a National School in 1864. Senior Boys were transferred to Wragby School from September 1938 and Senior Girls from April 1945. The school was temporarily closed because of low numbers on 27 July 1951, with the children transferred to Baumber and Wragby Schools.

    Extent: 3 files

    Date: 1870-1951

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1870-1951 SR/423

  13. School Records


    Records of Harmston CE School. The school was opened as a National School in 1858. Senior children were transferred to Waddington School from February 1941. The school was closed on 21 July 1983, with the children transferred to Navenby CE School and other schools.

    Former reference: SR HARMSTON.

    Extent: 6 files

    Date: 1899-1983

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1899-1983 SR/420

  14. School Records


    Records of Hacconby County Primary School. The school was built as a National School in 1866 and was known as Hacconby CE School by 1903. It became Haconby Council School in 1910, and a County School c.1947. As Hacconby County Primary School, the school was closed on 22 July 1981, with the children transferred to Morton CE School, Edenham School and Bourne County Primary School.

    Extent: 5 files

    Date: 1903-1981

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1903-1981 SR/411

  15. School Records


    Records of Navenby CE Primary School. The school was built in 1816 as a parochial school. There were separate schools for Boys and Girls until May 1897 when a Mixed Department and an Infant Department were created. The school was known as Navenby CE School by 1903.

    Extent: files

    Date: 1863-

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Access Conditions: The records of this school are not yet fully catalogued. Please consult the designated archivist.

    Date: 1863- SR/765

  16. School Records


    Records of the Brigg County Primary School.

    Extent: 1 file

    Date: 1957-1973

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1957-1973 SR/080

  17. School Records


    Records of Rauceby School (Church of England), North Rauceby. The school was built in 1842, and was known as North Rauceby CE School by 1903. Senior children were transferred to schools in Sleaford from 19 Septemer 1938. The school became a Grant Maintained School in the mid 1990s, known as the Rauceby School CE (GM) School, and the present name has been used since September 1999.

    Extent: 3 files

    Date: 1937-1988

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1937-1988 SR/798

  18. School Records



    Acc 2007/085:00
    Managers'/Governors' Minutes, 1974-2007;
    Other Governors' papers, 1999-2007

    Acc 2007/098:00
    Managers' Minute Book, 1903-1974;
    Admission Registers, 1899-1939, 1939-2003;
    Log Books, 1914-1930, 1931-1987, 1987-2000, 2000-2002;
    Punishment Book, 1902-1962;
    Attendance Registers (2 boxes), 1970-2007;
    Summary Attendance Registers, 1965-1970, 1970-1976, 1977-1983, 1983-1990;
    Registers of School Meals Provided (4), 1978-1979;
    Syllabus and Record Books, undated & 1981-1982;
    Inspectors' Reports: (HM) 1931, 1957; (Diocesan) 1960, 1962, 1967;
    Inventory Book, 1993-2007;
    Visitors' Book, 2000-2005;
    Building plans, 1984-1993;
    Prizegiving Book, 1994-2007;
    Photographs, Certificates, Renovation Plaque (1988), miscellaneous notes etc (3 boxes);
    Certificate of perfect attendance for 7 years (Stephen Whitney), 1910;
    School leaflet, 2006-2007;
    A Guide to St Andrew's Church Rippingale, 2001.

    Extent: 12 boxes

    Date: 1974-2007

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Access Conditions: This deposit has not yet been catalogued in detail - please consult an Archivist

    Date: 1974-2007 SR/845

  19. School Records


    Records of Claxby CE School, sometimes known as Claxby-cum-Normanby CE School. The school was built by Lord Yarborough in 1857, and was closed in 1971.

    Extent: 1 file

    Date: 1888-1971

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1888-1971 SR/120

  20. School Records


    Records of Wrangle Lowgrounds Primary School. The School was built in 1861 as Wrangle Lowgrounds National School and became a public elementary school in 1872. At the formation of Wrangle School Board in 1895, the School became Wrangle Low Grounds Board School. In 1903 it became Wrangle Low Grounds Council School, and by the 1950s it was known as Wrangle Lowgrounds County Primary School. The school closed on 23 July 1965, with many children transferred to Wrangle Primary School.

    Extent: 6 files

    Date: 1872-1965

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1872-1965 SR/1233

  21. School Records


    The school was originally established in 1711 by Thomas Kitching. A new building was erected in 1845. Until 1965, the school shared managers and, to some extent, staff, with Bardney Southrey CE School [SR/995]. In 1965, the school merged with Bardney Methodist School [SR/020] to form Bardney CE and Methodist Primary School.

    Extent: 8 files

    Date: 1868-1965

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1868-1965 SR/021

  22. School Records


    The school was founded 1896 in Monks Road premises now used by Lincoln College. It became the Municipal Technical (Day) School when the city became a Local Education Authority in 1903. It developed into a boys' Grammar School, and was known as the City School by 1928. The school moved to new premises in Skellingthorpe Road in 1968. In 1973 boys were transferred from the former Sincil Secondary Modern School [see SR/645] and in 1974 it became a new, mixed, City School. This successor school became the City of Lincoln Community College and in 2008 it became The Priory City of Lincoln Academy.

    Date: 1912-1957

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1912-1957 SR/653

  23. School Records


    Records of the Earl of Dysart Primary School, Grantham. The school opened as Earlsfield Council School, Infants Department on 17 Jan 1938. The intake was extended to children up to 11 years old in Sep 1939. The school was later known as Earlsfield County Junior School, and changed to Earl of Dysart in the 1990s[?]. The school is now part of the West Grantham Federation of Schools.

    Extent: 4 files

    Date: 1938-1998

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1938-1998 SR/327

  24. School Records


    Records of Blyborough CE School. The school was built as a National School in 1871. Senior children appear to have been transferred to Kirton in Lindsey from 1938. The school was closed on 10 April 1963, with the children transferred to Willoughton County School.

    Extent: 6 files

    Date: 1894-1963

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Date: 1894-1963 SR/049

  25. School Records


    Records of Boston St. Botolph's CE Primary School. The school was established as a National School in 1815, and re-built in Pump Square in 1849 (opened in 1850). There were separate Boys' and Girls' Schools by 1863, re-organised as Mixed and Infants' Schools in 1895. It had become a primary school by 1956. The school appears to have been closed in 1982.

    Extent: 1 file

    Date: 1956-1982

    Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

    Access Conditions: Access restricted. Written requests to any restricted information should be made in writing to Lincolnshire Archives (fees may be payable).

    Date: 1956-1982 SR/058

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