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Lincolnshire Life Autumn, 1961 (Vol. 1, No. 3)

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  • 08-February-2011 22:58:15

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Reference Name LL/01/03

The monthly Lincolnshire Life magazine was founded in April, 1961 with the intention of championing the cause of Lincolnshire by recording its history, folklore, culture, personalities, dialect, art, etc.

The magazine has 'thumbnail' sketches of the history of all the county's towns and many of its 700-plus villages, histories of its major houses and castles and profiles of many of its smaller houses, in private occupation. There are accounts of major and minor incidents in the county's history, augmented through the magazine's correspondence columns and details of the lives of many of the county's personalities both past and present.

By recording aspects of the county's life which were happening at the time but which no longer exist, the magazine now has the only written account of some of these customs or events.


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