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Lincolnshire Life February/March 1963 (Vol. 3, No. 1)

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  • 08-February-2011 23:25:05

    Lincolnshire LIFE THE COUNTY MAGAZINE Vol. 3 No. 1. February /March 1963 Editor: Roy Faiers I HAVE put off writing this little column in the hope that, with a break in the weather, I might have something a little more cheerful to talk about. But no-the snow is still falling as I write and I must confess to being more than a little envious of some Lincolnshire folk who are now living in warmer climates. In the postbag last month came letters from New Zealand, America and the Solomons Islands of all places. There we have a Lincolnshire exile who apparently sits beneath the waving palms thinking-and writing-about his native County. In this edition you will find the results of his labours, the story of a ride around Lincolnshire in a green Road Car bus. Frank Marston has added a few sketches to illustrate it. Still talking about the weather we have included a feature on Continental holidays with the help of two travel agents in the County. This edition, however, is likely to be remembered as "the Grantham number", for it contains a number of articles on that ancient borough which is celebrating its Quincentenary year. Paul Marsh has written another of his South Lincolnshire village stories- (have you also been trying to puzzle out which village he is referring to?)- there is another poem in our Tennyson series; 'Life' puts on its best bib-and-tucker and went to the County Ball; there's news of a poster competition open to all; plus the usual features, and lots of contributions from you, the readers, without whom 'Life' wouldn't be worth living! Let us hope that by the next edition the snow has gone and we can once more see the colourful green country-side which our county is so famous for. Until then, keep your coat buttoned up and keep smiling. Best wishes to you all... The Editor Feature A PAIR OF OLD HENS ... ... ... ... 18-19 'LIFE' AT THE COUNTY BALL ... ... 23 HOMES AND GARDENS 'Knaith Hall' ... ... ... ... ... 29 THE SNOWDROP-By Tennyson ... ... 34 CONTINENTAL HOLIDAYS ... ... ... 42-46 PROFILE ... ... ... ... ... ... 54 Special Survey ROYAL GRANTHAM ... ... ... ... 30-31 THE GEORGE AT GRANTHAM ... ... 35 SIR ISAAC NEWTON ... ... ... ... 36-37 THE BEEHIVE ... ... ... ... ... 38 QUINCENTENARY HIGHLIGHTS ... ... 41 BELTON HOUSE ... ... ... ... ... 48 General CROSSWORD ... ... ... ... ... 13 POACHINGS ... ... ... ... ... 20-21 COUNTY COMMENTARY ... ... ... 22 RAMBLING ... ... ... ... ... 25 WILD LIFE ... ... ... ... ... 26 POETRY CORNER ... ... ... ... 27 NEW BOOKS ... ... ... ... ... 28 DINING OUT IN LINCOLNSHIRE ... ... 33 STRAVINSKY'S MASS ... ... ... ... 46 LETTERS TO THE EDITOR ... ... ... 48-49 RECORD REVIEW ... ... ... ... 51 BEHIND THE WHEEL ... ... ... ... 53-54 COUNTY DIARY ... ... ... ... 58 " Lincolnshire Life " is published by Roy Faiers (Freelance) Ltd., and printed by A. Windle & Co. Ltd., at 411 Victoria Street, Grimsby, Lincs. (Tel. 58147.)

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The monthly Lincolnshire Life magazine was founded in April, 1961 with the intention of championing the cause of Lincolnshire by recording its history, folklore, culture, personalities, dialect, art, etc.

The magazine has 'thumbnail' sketches of the history of all the county's towns and many of its 700-plus villages, histories of its major houses and castles and profiles of many of its smaller houses, in private occupation. There are accounts of major and minor incidents in the county's history, augmented through the magazine's correspondence columns and details of the lives of many of the county's personalities both past and present.

By recording aspects of the county's life which were happening at the time but which no longer exist, the magazine now has the only written account of some of these customs or events.


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