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Lincolnshire Life February/March 1964 (Vol. 4, No. 1)

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    The club has been in existence since 1958. when it was formed with the object of improving horsemanship, and encouraging interest in the horse. Since then there has been a great upsurge of interest in riding throughout the country, so much so that clubs can now get help from the Ministry of Education. Any reader interested in the club should write to the Honorary Secretary, Mrs. B. Mumford, The Manor House, Sudbrooke, Lincoln. VIGOUR AND SUBTLETY AN EXHIBITION OF landscape painting by the young artist lan Houston is on view at the Usher Art Gallery in Lincoln from 11th to 28th March. Many of his paintings, which are reasonably priced, were done in Lincolnshire during the past year and vividly capture the fleeting moods of light and weather. Brayford Pool in evening light, the Cathedral in a summer storm, a huddle of cottages by the roadside in the grip of ice and snow, are some of the subjects which combine vigorous paintwork with subtle tone and colour. Already known to some people in Lincolnshire from work he has exhibited and sold in the Lincolnshire Artists' Exhibition it is refreshing to find in the chaotic art world of today a young man with a sense of direction who is prepared to work on untouched by transient and noisy fashions. His reason for painting in a somewhat traditional vein is simply that the visual scene evokes such a strong response in him that he feels impelled to set it down in terms of form, light and atmosphere. That sadly overworked term 'Impressionism' would apply to much of his work provided one used it in the English sense, owing allegiance to Constable, Turner, and in our own time Seago, for whom he has unbounded admiration . Although now only 29 he has exhibited pictures in London regularly during the past 12 years starting off as a painter of birds and in 1958 sharing an exhibition with Basil Ede at the Rowland Ward Galleries in Piccadilly. This side of his painting activity belongs to the past, however, and his whole endeavour in this field is concerned with landscape work. Besides being a painter he is a teacher and musician, having appeared as a pianist in numerous concerts in this country and abroad, including broadcasts and a recital at the Royal Festival Hall. His work in one capacity or another has taken him to a number of European and African countries but he resolutely refuses to be pigeon-holed as either painter, teacher or musician. His wife, who comes from Lincoln. first introduced him to the County where, with their two children, they usually spend most of the summer months. LincoLnshire Recital JEANNE DEMESSIEUX will make history when she visits Grimsby on. April 16th, to give an organ recital at the Parish Church, as she will be the first lady ever to give such a recital there. She has held the position of organist at the Church of Saint Esprit, in Paris, since she was 13. In 1952 she was elected Professor of the Organ and Improvisation at the Conservatoire Royal de Liege, in Belgium, where organists of all nationalities study under her. Jeanne Demessieux records for Decca, and has made some notable recordings at the organs of the Victoria Hall, Geneva, and St. Mark's Church, North Audley Street, London.

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The monthly Lincolnshire Life magazine was founded in April, 1961 with the intention of championing the cause of Lincolnshire by recording its history, folklore, culture, personalities, dialect, art, etc.

The magazine has 'thumbnail' sketches of the history of all the county's towns and many of its 700-plus villages, histories of its major houses and castles and profiles of many of its smaller houses, in private occupation. There are accounts of major and minor incidents in the county's history, augmented through the magazine's correspondence columns and details of the lives of many of the county's personalities both past and present.

By recording aspects of the county's life which were happening at the time but which no longer exist, the magazine now has the only written account of some of these customs or events.


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