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Lincolnshire Life April/May 1965 (Vol. 5, No. 2)

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    WE REGRET TO ANNOUNCE that owing to the sudden increase, in cost of pulp imports, rising overheads, plus new wage and holiday agreements in the printing industry, the price of our magazine has had to be raised to 3/- as from this edition. Old Age Pensioners, however, can have the magazine sent by post at the old price. All existing subscriptions will be honoured at the old price. The Editor's Column APRIL 1965 I have always been intrigued by the public opinion polls, although I have my own views about the results some of the political ones show. Nevertheless they are a method of finding out what people think. With this in mind, we at ''Life'' have embarked on our own little opinion poll, designed to tell us all about YOU. A questonnaire form is being popped into one in every 20 magazines leaving our printing works this edition. When they come back we shall know a lot more about our readers, how they think the magazine can be improved, whether they want it monthly, etc. The results of this poll should be interesting I hope to be able to report the findings in our next edition. I hope you like our front cover ... the first one in full colour. We have had quite a number of scenes sent in by viewers, some of which we have kept for future use. It is planned to print another full colour view of a Lincolnshire scene on the cover of our next edition. It is a familiar scene, set deep in the heart of the countryside, yet I don't think we have ever had a picture of it before ... I had better not say any more or you'll guess what it is, and I like our cover pictures to be a surprise for you. There are 96 pages in this edition, and we have still not found enough room for some of the many interesting stories and pictures we had hoped to put in this issue. So net time it looks like being at least 100 pages! There will be a special article on the Lincolnshire Show; a survey on one of the County's most interesting and unique areas, the Isle of Axholme; the start of a new series on Lincolnshire newspapers land we commence with one which is the oldest in all Britain!) and a photograph feature called "A Lincolnshire Album" ,,, this one will prod a few memories, You will, I hope, realise that it is because of the increased size of the magazine, plus the sudden increase in our costs all round, that we have been forced to lift the price of the magazine with this edition. Since we only publish every two months it has been impossible this time to give warning of the increase. I hope you will understand and sympathise with our action, which was unavoidable: I assure you that we are re-doubling our efforts to make the magazine even more interesting and attractive, than ever before. Best wishes to you all, THE EDITOH Life 'Meets the Wife' ... but this is Freddie Frinton's real wife, not the one that millions know on television (Thora Hird). Freddie (far right) is our Lincolnshire personality profile in this edition and he brought his wife, Norah, along to Life's offices, where she is pictured being introduced to the Editor. Vol, 5 No. 2 April/Bbay 1965 Editor: R.C.F. Faiers, M.I.P.R Art Editor: W.T. Day Feature Homes and Gardens. Willoughby House, Digby 28-30 Life in Camera . 31-33 Profile : Freddie Frinton 38-39 Village Craftsmen: The Lincolnshire Shoemaker 40-42 Theatre in Lincolnshire 44 The Hunchback Saint of Lincolnshire 48-51 Tennyson Poem: Crossing the Bar 61 Paradise in a Spalding Garden 65 The Fascination of Oriental Carpets 87 Special Survey Alford ... a bit of vintage Lincolnshire - 52-56 Supplement Homebuying in the County: An exclusive Life guide General Shopping in Lincoln 21-23 County Awards 25 Poachings 34-36 Drive and Dine with Jeremy Bates 43-44 Theatre in Lincolnshire 44 Sir Winston Churchill 44 Letters to the Editor 46-47 Lincolnshire Art Exhibition 59 Lincolnshire Golf Courses: Elsham 61 Ladylife the feminine touch 63 Ramblings 89 Behind the Wheel 93 County Diary; Chess; Lifelines 94 Book Serial : Savah Bingham, Part 3, by Eva Hope Wallace [Coloured Insert] OUR NEXT EDITION will include A Special Survey on the Isle of Axholme Village Craftsmen Series: The Thatcher New Farming Section, featuring the history of The Lincolnshire Show Full Colour Cover picture Shopping Guide to Boston Lincolnshire Newspapers, No. 1-The Stamford Mercury A Lincolnshire Album-Photographic Memories :" Plus all our regular features. Please make sure of your Copy Our Cover Picture was taken by Geoffrey Pass, A.I.B.P. Lincolnshire Life is an independent magazine devoted to the cultural interests of the County. It is published by a small, private company-Roy Faiers Ltd.- and printed by A. Windle & Co Ltd. (Est. 1888) from their joint offices at 411 Victoria Street, Grimsby. Annual Subscription Rates (including postage): Great Britain 22s.; U.S. and Canada $3.

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Reference Name LL/05/02

The monthly Lincolnshire Life magazine was founded in April, 1961 with the intention of championing the cause of Lincolnshire by recording its history, folklore, culture, personalities, dialect, art, etc.

The magazine has 'thumbnail' sketches of the history of all the county's towns and many of its 700-plus villages, histories of its major houses and castles and profiles of many of its smaller houses, in private occupation. There are accounts of major and minor incidents in the county's history, augmented through the magazine's correspondence columns and details of the lives of many of the county's personalities both past and present.

By recording aspects of the county's life which were happening at the time but which no longer exist, the magazine now has the only written account of some of these customs or events.


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